The Good, The Bad, and The Geeky! (podcasts)
Host Nick Arganbright (from It's All Been Done Radio Hour) talks anything and everything from slice of life to movies, tv, comic books, video games and more. With a wide-array of friends, guests from the local Columbus Ohio Theater and Improv scene... you can be sure that whatever it is, it’s mostly good, a skosh bad but ALWAYS geeky. Contains explicit content. Parental Discretion is advised. Each season is updated weekly to bi-weekly usually from March to August/December of the year.

Listen to find out what the big news is!

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Happy Father's Day!
Nick Nitro & Jon are taking the weekend off so here is some new music thanks to IODApromonet dot com, and we even through a classic GBG track for good measure! We hope you all enjoy this laid-laid-back episode of... THE GOOD THE BAD & THE GEEKY!
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Letter from Nitro
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 I Know, You Know (We're Gonna Pysch You Out In the End)

We have an AMAZING Show! We have a scoop never before heard anywhere! It's a super duper long show of amazing discoveries, music, and comic-con stuff! It's so long, that we may just pysch you out in the end!

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Book 8: Harry Potter & The Return of Jimmy The Co-Host! Book 8, the final Harry Potter installment begins as our hero Harry Potter braves the odds and fights the on-coming return of the treacherous and dangerous Co-Host Jimmy!

READ- the show notes which you're reading right now!

SEE- whatever cheesy image was used for the cover for this week's podcast.

HEAR- as Jimmy returns and Nitro butchers the name of Voldermort.

All on this week's episode of..

The Good, The Bad & The Geeky!
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Episode 7: I'm Bill Pardy Jimmy is absent but promises to return this next week.

So until then...

With the lack of Roberts Rules of Order, enjoy as DJ AugDawg and I check out Transformers, offer our thoughts and tons of news.

Until next time...


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Episode 6: The BS Episode We go over some news then review Ocean's 13, Rise of the Silver Surfer, Live Free or Die Hard and last but not least, Ratatouille.

Note that Jimmy and Nathan have been very busy (as have I) so my father decided to help out a bit.

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A GBG Quickie With Father's Day here, and Jimmy working two jobs, I'm physically and sort of mentally exhausted, we phone it in so to speak, by just giving you some entertainment news! Expect our next episode to return to our normal format!
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EPISODE IV: THE STAR WARS SAGA STRIKES BACK!  We have e-mails, News about Shrek, Battlestar Galatica, The Dark Knight, reviews of Pirates, a few TV shows, and we go right into a few Star Wars-related news, and of course, the greatness of Star Wars. Also includes a bit from the new Robot Chicken Star Wars and classic Weird Al's Yoda.
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Nathan joins us as we discuss the big finales like LOST and HEROES. We have a Desperate Housewives parody, and we have the news you don't care about plus nathan's useless fact of the episode!
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With TV Finales All Over The Place, me and Jimmy do e-mail, News You Don't Care About and go over My Name is Earl, The Office, Scrubs, CSI, Grey's Anatomy, Bones, Medium, Smallville & How I Met Your Mother... and there is our thoughts of what will occur on LOST....
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Nitro & Jimmy return from the dark depths, True Believer! We got Mail, News & Reviews You Don't Care About plus we're talking about the new head hanchos at Dinsey and what is being done to get the company, more important, their animation, what Disney is KNOWN for, back in shape!
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