The Good, The Bad, and The Geeky!
The Good, The Bad and the Geeky! (or GBG for short) is a podcast where Nick Arganbright sits down with some of his friends in the local Columbus Ohio theater, film and improv scene and talk a bunch of geeky stuff. Some good, some bad but all of it definitely geeky. Contains explicit content, parental discretion is advised. Updates vary from weekly to bi-weekly.
The Fossicking Pussy Paradigm

Our heroes discuss the joys of thanksgiving, and the perils involved. DJ Meat returns with a new 'Words and Fun Facts'. Nitro also gets a chance to get 3 minutes with CHUCK co-star JOSHUA GOMEZ (who plays MORGAN GRIMES on the hit NBC show), while our heroes also turn their attention towards the wonder of newborn babies Ren & Stimpy's HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY, the new film THE MUPPETS, and what the heck is Donald Duck's Middle Name and DJ Meat's lack of general pop-culture knowledge. Hear all that, DJ Meat's lack of respect for DUCKTALES, your childhood, and more in this episode of...


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