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Join host Nick 'Nitro' Arganbright (It's All Been Done Radio Hour) and his friends as they talk anything geeky from movies to comic books. Contains explicit content, parental discretion is advised. Updates vary from weekly to bi-weekly with 'seasonal breaks' around the winter season.
The 2010 GBG Extreme Christmas Extravaganza!

Ever since our creation, The Good, The Bad and the Geeky have been doing a big Christmas show in lieu of the old school classic Bing Crosby or Jack Benny Christmas shows, that were more of a variety show that, you know, had sketches, musical guests, and was very nonsensical in terms of order. And this year is no different and boy howdy do we have the Christmas show for you GBG-cadets! Like last year not only do we feature the normal Nitro, Jon and DJ Meat stuff, we also got the special guests! Like our pal of the show Jt Shea, The Beatnik Turtles, 2 Drunks & a Guitar, with [scrubs] and Cougar Town creator Bill Lawrence and Nick Z! So get ready to laugh with us, or, more importantly, laugh at us on...


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We Get Help With Our Burn Notice from Good Guy Matt Nix

In this episode, our heroes are graciously given the chance to interview USA Network's Burn Notice and FOX's The Good Guys creator Matt Nix who went to bat for us to help us remove our Burn Notice. Puns aside, after going over DJ Meat's Words & Fun Facts, we get a chance to phone in Nix who talks to us in great detail on pitching television shows, speaking with of friend and former guest of the show, Bill Lawrence, running two television shows at once while being a showrunner, his thoughts on James Bond, and why some spys like wearing Fleece jackets. We also discuss a possible future and get breaking news about the finale episode of the season for The Good Guys, the season finale of Burn Notice, the Emmys, all this and more in tonight's new episode of....


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n this episode, our intrepid heroes wax on about Jon's return with the help of Kermit the Frog (not really, or maybe?!?!?), DJ Meat gives Jon and Nitro a citizen test, discuss the films Megamind, Morning Glory, the show Walking Dead and the season 2 finale of Bored to Death and really debate the issue for men as what is a good example of RomComs? Furthermore, what DOES RomCom mean anyway? Our heroes debate all this and more on the newest episode of...


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Halloween 2010: The Voices

in this episode our heroes are missing Jon, but have no fear. Pure random silliness prevails, as always. Being the Halloween episode, Nick Nitro & Nate decide to try out something, where we talk in silly voices (Like Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno, Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, etc) and see how long we can last doing that. On top of that and the normal Words & Fun Facts with Dj Meat, our heroes actually have a ton of e-mails, comments and tweets, and discuss what is their favorite movie or film to watch at Halloween time. What is it? What is yours? What is up with the silly voices? Where did Rick Moranis disappear to? Why is Jon sick? Do any of these questions make any sense? All this and more on this (a bit late but still hot off the griddle) episode of...


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Soundboards are bad, mmkay?

In this episode, our heroes have too much fun with soundboards through the show! Also Nate and Nitro discuss the new film It's Kind Of A Funny Story and we get a call from Dj Augdawg and Momma Nitro on their thoughts on the (as of the time of this recording) unreleased Clint Eastwood film, Hereafter starring Matt Damon. Also in this episode, our heroes get down to brass tacks, not only is one of them now an uncle, but they discuss Halloween Candy, Jon's love of Pop Tarts and more on this week's episode of..


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The Social Netwerk

In This episode, our heroes all chow down on pizza, we have another segment of Nate's Words & Fun Facts , we go over which one of the group IS or IS NOT diagnosed with aspergers, plus we go over the new film THE SOCIAL NETWORK which just came out. We discuss our views on the movie and much more on this week's episode of...


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The 2010-2011 Television Season


With another round of Words & Fun Facts and Me Time with Dr. Meat, we go over who won the Emmy Bet! The new television season has begun too and we go over some hot ticket items (such as CBS's MIKE AND MOLLY and NBC's THE EVENT), Nathan got a taste of HBO's Bored To Death, Nick has seen Boardwalk Empire and offers some minor thoughts on the season premiere of CHUCK, what shows are coming up, PLUS Jon has seen THE TOWN with Ben Affleck, while Nathan has seen the new Resident Evil flick? How do they compare? Also we whore our wares, and more on the newest episode of....


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Our heroes deal with a Jon-lite episode, as we discuss Arson, we do DJ Meat's words of the episode, what is considered sex and the FX show LOUIE by Louis C.K and go over the joy that is HUGGBEES! (Also we go over the lack of joy over the definition of the word blumpkin) So come hear all this and more on this week's episode of...




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GBG 125 - Scott Pilgrim vs GBG.mp3

Not only does poor Scott Pilgrim have to face off against the tyranny of Ramona Flowers' seven evil exes, but he now has to content on the digital front! Nitro, Jon and DJ Meat stock up on getting lives, coins, rings and mushrooms and deplete their pee-bar to prepare to get ready to face Scott Pilgrim and this world we keep hearing he is versing. And also in efforts against futulity, we discuss upcoming dvds for tv shows, smart phone apps, The Crafty Butcher, and much more on this week's episode of...


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Dinner For Shmucks

This episode our geeky heroes discuss words, the movie I Love You Beth Cooper, in passing mention Dinner For Shmucks, the new Weezer album, and DJ Meat ponders things that only he can in Jon's absence on our latest episode of...


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The Inception

The 2010 Comic-Con is now over, we graze over some of the news from Comic-Con in San Diego, including tales of eyes being gorged by pens, Nathan gives us his words of the episode, but then leaves the studio for a bit, so Jon and Nitro can get into Inception, which begins to lead into a whole array of conversations, like Marty Scorsese films. But the question is, who started the idea of the conversations? Was there an inception planted in Nick or Jon's mind, and by who? Is this being built up in a way that it will almost 100% let you down in the end, meaning it's all hogwash? Or maybe, just maybe, [SPOILER ALERT REDACTED!!] on this week's episode of...


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the 2010 Emmy Nominations and Introducing DJ Meat

the 2010 Emmy Nominations are in, and Jon, Nitro include Nathan in our 2010 Emmy bet.  In the process, we go over a new feature Nathan is testing out called "Words of the Episode".  Nathan discusses his want for his DJ name to be "Dj Meat", which sparks old nicknames from our days going to school, Nathan and Nick almost throw down in music clips, we lightly discuss Ed Norton being tossed from the 2012 Marvel Avengers movie, and then we go over the process of discussing the rules of the bet and then, the actual nominations themselves.  Also not to be missed?  Nathan's amazing logic behind choosing some of his nominees.  All this, Jason Mraz, and more on this week's episode of...




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Toy Story 3

Lo-and-behold, after episodes and episodes of saying he might come on, our old friend and original No Name Show co-host Nathan Haley comes on the show and offers his advice on all things, like what he thought of podcasting then and now, being on vacation, and how he can pull up the Green Hornet Trailer on his android phone. Jon and Nitro also discuss the World Cup, and what exactly happened, we discuss between Jon and Nitro, who cried at the end of Toy Story 3; a hint that might lead no where, Nitro considers the end of Toy Story 3 like jews in the concentration camp who know they're going to die. Yeeeeah. And in an effort to remain a big prick, Nitro tries to pigeon hold guest Nathan Haley into his thoughts on what REALLY happened at the end of War of The Worlds, Nathan touches on Alice in Neverland Wonderland, and we learn that Jon and Nate might need to re-watch the original Star Wars Trilogy, but why? Find out all that, tons of rambling and more, on this week's episode of...


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To Be Fair...

Nick Nitro & Jon return with a new episode of GBG-goodness whereas we discuss some shows like In Plain Sight, Treme, one of our heroes has stern warnings for the FOX hit show GLEE, Jon and Nick offer their thoughts on the BP Oil Spill and Kevin Costner, facial hair and how Nitro may or may not have a porn-mustache! Also, Nitro is cutting back on cussing. Does he make the grade? Does he pass the test? Or does he get a big F? All this and more on this week's episode of...


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L0ST: From Beginning to "The End"...

Last episode we discussed theories the like and much more on the hit ABC show, LOST which would be ended May 23rd. We go over ALOT of e-mails, twitters and the like, written in by YOU, the listeners of GBG and fans (and in some cases now, non-LOST fans) and we even get some assistance in the form of Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence e-mailing in to offer his thoughts about the finale and the show itself. What did he think? Did we find a blog entry from someone who worked on the show to clear up a few things? What did Nitro and Jon REALLY think? And was the 'smoke monster' a hit at nick's lost finale party? Find out all this and more on this episode of...


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The Penultimate GBG LOST Episode

Recorded the week before the LOST finale, get Nick Nitro and Jon's thoughts before our next episode which will heavily discuss the finale in all it's detail! We discuss theories and MUCH MUCH MORE. Laugh at us to see how wrong or right we were, all this and more on last week's


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Kick-Ass, you guys!

Jon returns from his honeymoon trip, we got updates on our posting on examiner dot com, and we discuss why there has been a bit of a lack of an episode the past few weeks. On top of that, Jon is still behind on L0ST and now is behind on GLEE, Nitro gives him an ultimatum on one of those shows, meanwhile Jon and Nick become interested in the new Tom Cruise movie "Knight & Day", the rip off "The Killers" (or is it?) and a Billy the Kid clip from Family Guy. To find out what the ultimatum is, and why is it Jon and Nitro became obsessed with movie trailers and family guy clips, then tune in to this week's new...



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And Now For Something Completely Different... AGAIN!

Our special guest Kevin Guhl (formerly of Detective Fork and) of Space: The Comic, stops by and helps pick up Nitro's slack since Jon is missing (don't worry tho fans, Jon will return next week!) They discuss comic books, and they also discuss, in prep for Jon's return, or try to, cinematic one hit wonders... and from there they ramble on about actual music one hit wonders to lord knows what else. All that and more on this week's down and dirty quick episode of... THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE GEEKY!

Ramblin' Men vs Chat Roulette

The world is stunned as we learned that Ricky Martin is gay. We also discuss how Jon has joined the ranks of twitter! Half-Jon wanting to join, half-your requests for him to join, come follow and join Jon at forward slash JonBettin! As Jon waxes on about Twitter, and who he is following, Nitro desperately tries to finish his dinner of white steamed rice, tapping it off with a container of kool-aid in a Rubbermaid container that leaks all over the studio's dashboard which causes some jolts of silence (which is filled with Garfunkle and Oates). Also, we discuss the amazing podcast from character actor Stephen Tobolwowsky (from Groundhog Day as "Needlenose Ned" and recently Fox's GLEE) called the Tobolwowsky Files. Jon and Nitro begin telling funny 'dad' stories while waxing on about how there should be spring break for adults, too. There are also quick thoughts on DreamWorks' How To Train Your Dragon, Fast & Furious, and Chat Roulette. How long does it take for Nitro and Jon to see some naked guy's penis on Chat Roulette? Find out all this and more on this week's...

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Alice in Neverland

Wow. So guess who has two thumbs dropped the ball in getting the episode posted? This guy typing right here.  Episode has been sorta in the can, just finer editing stuff to work out, but yeah.   But, we make up for it with a fantastic episode featuring the semantics and reactions to the 2009-2010 ACADEMY AWARDS, Jon lays it on us on what the first 3-D TV Sports Event Will Be, if it's a good choice or not, plus Nitro offers his reviews of ALICE IN WONDERLAND and how to relates to the 1990's film, Hook. We go over all this, and much more on this week's... er, last week's.... THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE GEEKY!

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AOL Tweeter Twit Flashbacks

Jon makes it in time, after dodging police helicopters and an improperly made pizza to join Nick on the newest GBG-creme-filled-episode.  We got your e-mails on our show last week (and man, did you guys actually e-mail us... yeesh! Not sure what we were e-mailed about? Hm. <a href="">Listen to last week's episode</a> first.)  Moving on to more approachful topics, we discuss how Jon had a very big week last week, with <a href="">Trista</a> linked back to Jon's surprise song to Amanda!  Which leads to the interesting idea of Jon joining twitter or having 'us' contact her to have her on the show! See what Jon's response is.  ALSO:  we go over celebrity twitters such as new found latenight hosts <a href="">Craig Ferguson</a> and <a href="">Conan O'Brien</a>, as well as what Cohen Brothers Film has a, barring any legal woes, Shakespearean-bent, PLUS Academy Award Noms Hurt Locker may have some problems come Sunday Night, why Samuel L. Jackson needs his own talk show, all this and more, on... THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE GEEKY!

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How Do You Spell Scorsese?

Nick Nitro & Jon return from the wintery hells of the Ohio winter weather warnings and snow up to your waist to podcast another fresh and hot episode of THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE GEEKY!  This week we continue our weird trend of rolling with the punches and stuff (aka, we don't follow normal format we generally do...)  Upon our return, Jon lays it out to Nitro that he is now 100% caught up with ABC's hit show L0ST which former co-host James Dailey and Nick Nitro got him hooked on last year/summer.  Jon and Nick offer thoughts, comments, critiques, and pretty much everything but circle jerk the cast and crew of the show, before dipping into films by Martin Scorsese, the spelling of the name "Scorsese" before tackling a bit more of a serious issue per Nick, which was the Kevin Smith's 2 Fat 2 Fly debacle.  Find out what Nick, a 'safety hazard' himself has to say over the issue, and find out of Jon could be considered one too. All this, the kitchen sink and more on this week's... GBG!

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A.B.C. - Always Be Closing...

Despite our failed attempt to take phone calls, Jon and Nitro come at you with another episode of the Good the Bad & The Geeky!  We discuss a few shows that are getting picked up, getting a spin-off, what 80's films are getting 3-D remakes/sequels in the pipeline, and we discuss why Jon's distaste of Alec Baldwin.  Also, Jon waxes on about Brad Paisley, and more on the newest episode of... THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE GEEKY!!!

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R.I.P. - The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brian The 2009-2010 Christmas/New Year break is over, and GBG is back and with a vengeance, but with a sad notice, which is about, if the title doesn't give it to you right away, the loss of Conan O'Brian on the Tonight Show to the unfunny hack that is Jay Leno.  We discuss how our break went, Christmas gifts, and more, and then hit into reviews of Lovely Bones, Sherlock Holmes, and of course, the end of Tonight Show hosted by Conan O'Brian.   All this, much much more on this week's... THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE GEEKY!
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