The Good, The Bad, and The Geeky!
The Good, The Bad and the Geeky! (or GBG for short) is a podcast where Nick Arganbright sits down with some of his friends in the local Columbus Ohio theater, film and improv scene and talk a bunch of geeky stuff. Some good, some bad but all of it definitely geeky. Contains explicit content, parental discretion is advised. Updates vary from weekly to bi-weekly.
The Celebrity Apocalypse: Who You Gonna Call? In A Land, In a World, where celebrities die, in one very bad week at the end of June, prepare... FOR THE CELEBRITY APOCALYPSE!!! Jon & Nitro discuss the loss of major celebrities in the past 2 to 3 weeks and discuss the rule of 3 celebrity deaths and how it may or may not apply in this situation of the past month's worth of celebrity deaths.   We also discuss the oddity of the rule of 3 celebrity deaths, we discuss where we were when we heard Michael Jackson passed away, we also get reviews of the Ghostbusters video game, we discuss some of YOUR thoughts on the game, and we also discuss Jon & Kate Plus 8 and the big divorce, PLUS we disucss when the initial cast of HOUSE returns, who is leaving and staying at Grey's Anatomy, which writer on HEROES has flown the coupe, which direcor is producing Mission Impossible 4, The Academy Awards and it's new entires and rules for Best Picture and music and which Zack Snyder film is getting a sequel/follow up... all on this week's episode of...


Technical Note Affecting Podcast AND USTREAM: The last 5-10 minutes there is some USB-port problems. You're prolly going, so what? Well, it effected our uStream as well, but apparently it sounds like we have a weird staticy-electro-synthesizer-effect going on.  We kept it in, but we apologize in advance for the last 6 minutes, Nitro had gotten some new equipment and didn't properly set it up.  We apologize for the inconvenience and hope that it will not happen again.
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Happy Father's Day!

Nick Nitro & Jon are taking the weekend off so here is some new music thanks to IODApromonet dot com, and we even through a classic GBG track for good measure! We hope you all enjoy this laid-laid-back episode of... THE GOOD THE BAD & THE GEEKY!

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Fun and Games At the FreedomWay
Over the week we recieved some kooky voicemails, and we decide to get to the bottom of it by calling the individual back, live on our show!  As we call "Mary" back, we go over an e-mail and get right into the news and what a newsy week it was too.  This was the weekend that not only did Nick see The Brothers Bloom, but America switched over and converted to the digital age, leaving analog televisions behind!  Find out who returns in the HOBBIT, what Joss Whedon said regarding the new Buffy Film, (he said more stuff, yah!), who visited Jimmy Fallon, what the verdict on the life span of "My Name Is Earl" is, and which former HEROES star is heading over to Starz! Network's CRASH.   All this, a new parody song called "Fun & Games", and more... on this week's episode of-

<p align="right">THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE GEEKY!</p>
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EP 1 A.B. - The Man, the Wild, & The Hangover... The first episode after we interviewed Scrubs and Cougar Town Bill Lawrence, and we now have a new way to label the episodes now.  With that being said, we discuss some of your thoughts on our interview last week, and we discuss the horrifying discovery of David Carradine found dead, how NBC is setting Jay Leno to fail, and when "The Adventures of Tin-Tin" will be released in correlationcorelation to Europe.  We also discuss the whole Eminem/Bruno ordeal, what LOST fans are saying about the new ABC show promo (and how to NOT get their hopes up) and which actor from the original 90210 is coming to One Tree Hill.  We also review Conan's first week, what we thought of Conan settling in, Man vs Wild, and we begin to lightly touch on "The Hangover" which debuted number 2 this week at thebox office. All this, Crash King's Mountain Man and more on this week's...

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Bill Lawrence Saves Us From A 'Fizzle-Suck'...

Nick Nitro & Jon come back at you with another creamy episode of geeky-goodness! We answer some twitter responses about Susan Boyle, FRINGE, as we get to the news, where we learn who the new "Trinity Killer" on Dexter is, what some of the movies that are headed to TBS and TNT  in the upcoming years, who's in the new Kevin Smith movie, Chevy Chase's return to films, what show will have up to THREE orgies this upcoming season, (I know!) and what to make on this whole "Buffy movie" nonsense that is going around. 

But lo-behold, as you will tell, Nitro's game was off tonight, and had problems functioning during the opening/news segment. As such, we (Jon) decided we needed some help on the second half of the show, so we had our friend of the podcast, SCRUBS creator BILL LAWRENCE, phone in to lend a hand, and boy, did he help!  He even (unknowingly) helped us coin tonight's episode title for the first half of the show! Bill also lays down some talk on his new show COUGAR-TOWN, the return of SCRUBS, answering fan-questions, plus who won the MY SCRUBS CONTEST... (there was another winner!)... all on this week's episode of....


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