The Good, The Bad, and The Geeky!
The Good, The Bad and the Geeky! (or GBG for short) is a podcast where Nick Arganbright sits down with some of his friends in the local Columbus Ohio theater, film and improv scene and talk a bunch of geeky stuff. Some good, some bad but all of it definitely geeky. Contains explicit content, parental discretion is advised. Updates vary from weekly to bi-weekly.
The 2009 GBG Extreme Christmas Extravaganza!

Ever since our creation, The Good, The Bad and the Geeky have been doing a big Christmas show. Featuring usually a plot, music and sketches, this year Jon and I tried to do something a little different.  In lieu of the old school classic Bing Crosby or Jack Benny Christmas shows, that were more of a variety show, had sketches, had musical guests, very non-sensical in terms of order, and we even included our attempt at doing a big number at the beginning to kick it off.  And Oh Em Gee do we have one heck of a golly geek-whiskers show for you this year, GBG-cadets!  We have special guests stopping by to help us out...  we have:
<a href="">The Bea Arthurs</a>, <a href="">The Beatnik Turtles</a>,<a href="">Paul Sahner</a>,<a href="">Illicit Kitty</a>,<a href="">Jt Shea</a>,and featuring a special guest, one of our very own fans, Genny Harper helping out with some of the sketches.  

So sit back, relax and get ready to relax this Christmas, hopefully laugh, sing along and have a merry new year! See you in 2010 on...
<p align="right">THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE GEEKY!</p>

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Conversations About Many Geeky Holiday Things... With the news coming sort of haphazardly, Jon and Nitro take a chance without any news this week, and discuss how our thanksgivings were, what the family game of the day was, we discuss the best of you tube around thanksgiving day, we discuss facebook fan pages, (not our own for once, at least, not right away) we answer an almost forgotten listener e-mail, and we discuss what to buy your inner geek, or your friend/lover who happens to be a big geek. Two years ago, we went over the basics, this year, we go a bit more indepth and more tech-worthy, we also include what to get Jon this year for Christmas (listen up his friends and family members!!) and Nitro tells you finally why, to never, ever see Dogville unless, well, you'll hear why.  All this plus tons of more on this week's... THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE GEEKY
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We Need More Good Sports Movies After an extended break, Jon and Nitro return with some cool news, like the PURE COUNTRY SEQUEL, which 90's tv star the director of both the original and new sequel is related to, what shows were given so far, the back 9, what the defintion of back 9 is for those who don't know, what shows have been canceled, more details of the Monopoly movie, and much more.  Jon also reviews the 2009 CMAs (which was hosted this year by Brad Paisely and Taylor Swift) and Nick touches on Where The Wild Things Are and Jon reviews the original broadway cast touring YOUNG FRAKENSTIEN, until Jon and Nick both question...  which is the best sports movie? We discuss this, answer your e-mails and tweets (maybe we discuss where Jimmy is now) and more on this week's episode of..

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The Balloon Boy After a week break, Jon and Nitro come back atcha with Marvel's THOR casting news, which CSI member is sticking around for a bit longer, which NCIS alum is causing problems for one of tv's favorite bromances, which show is taking to the skies for promotional material, and discussing some music stuff from the break, Jon and Nitro discuss the absurdity which was the BalloonBoy phenom that hit last week.  All this and more on this week's episode of...

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Apolgetic Letterman Nick Nitro and Jon attack you with the fresh of the fresh in terms of tv and movies news. We discuss which Spider-man star is joining General Hospital, which Friends star is getting good buzz on their new showtime show, which FOX show shut down due to Swine Flu, and of course, we discuss the big David Letterman debacle! The Seinfeld Curb Your Enthusiam, Letterman scandal, Shakira and more on this week's...
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Worship Dick he show gets off to an openly weird start with the e-mail and twitter feed section in the middle of the show, as Jon and Nitro lead the charge into news.  We kick it off with news on the SNL-slip up of the f-bomb, who is joining the Kelsey Grammar sitcom HANK on ABC, Roman Polanski, which show was the first casualty of the season, and talk about a lot of franchises now possibly on hold, like Pirates of the Caribbean's new trilogy, 007 James Bond and the new Terminator films.  We also discuss what shows we watch on auto-pilot, but that leads into the every present concern of... who won the EMMY 2009 bet? Was it Jon or Nitro?  Our facebook group said someone won by one.. but who was it? Also what did Nitro think about ABC's Modern Family and Bill Lawrence's CougarTown?  Find all that out and more on this week's...
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Arrrr, Sleep, Kitty, Sleep... Jon and Nitro come at you with another fresh episode of good bad geeky goodness on talk like a pirate day!  But, hark, is that a yawn I hear? Jon didn't get much sleep, and Nitro had a blustery day as well, but that doesn't stop their attempts (attempt being the keyword) of bringing you the same news, reviews and insights that the duo usually brings.  We go over who from Disney got fired/resigned, what NBC show Vinnie Jones is ging to, what musical number NPH will be performing in on the Emmy's Sunday, and much more!  And we're so bold as we don't even take a break! Yeesh!  And what about reviews of Glee and the new NBC show Community? Get all this and more on this week's episode of... THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE GEEKY!!!
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The 2009 MTV VMAs Our show starts right off with the simple discussion of what the definition of those who do not fit into 'immediate' family as we parlay right into news of Indiana Jones 5, which inglorious basterd is starring in The Green Hornet,
Ed Norton being 'adopted' into a new show on ABC, the merits and question of success of Tyler Perry, our thoughts of Ellen Degenres and American Idol, and the title of the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie!!  We have switched things up again this time around too, moving news/voicemails, twitters and the like after news, and that leads us directly into what happened with Kanye West and Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.  The discussion also garners some fan interaction via the ustream/facebook feeds, so tune in as we yay or nay Kayne, the MJ Tribute and much more on this week's...

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The One After Episode One Hundred on & Nitro come at you on this 2009 Labor Day with the episode after episode 100.  Discussing Labor Day plans and also holiday work schedules, we get right into the news thereafter, where we learn who Jay Leno's guests are, who is starring in CHUCK on NBC this season, more info on DJ AM's show on MTV, what network is not carrying Obama's speech and Nick's choice words to Obama, how Lawman: Steve Segal's new show may not air due to legal situations, and which actor/actress may or may not be leaving Grey's Anatomy for a while!!!  Nick gives his opinion of the video game Batman: Arkum Asylum while we soon turn our attention elsewhere and discuss in tune with people on our facebook group, twitter, and within our Ustream Live show (found here for lots of other conversation stuff not featured in the podcast itself)  about that since the end of August was the end of the summer 2009 movie season, what was your favorite summer movie?  We get a lot of unique views and opinions, and we top it off with what movies will be coming out in fall or Christmas season... Think we missed out on a summer movie? Twitter, facebook, e-mail us and we'll discuss your reactions more on next week's...

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The 100th Episode

Jon & Nitro come at you on their 100th episode of the GOOD THE BAD AND THE GEEKY!!!  We start off our 100th episode with a big surprise!  After that, we pay homage and also rue our previous co-host Jimmy for his years of service on the show, and then hit up the 100th episode contest! Who won? Listen to find out who goes home with their choice of DVD from our prize pool!  From there, Jon & Nitro wax on about Quentin Tarantino' Inglorious Basterds, and what our favorite Tarantino film is!  We also question about Marvel being acquired by Walt Disney Studios for 4 billion dollars will be good, or bad... all this and more on this week's episode of... THE GOOD THE BAD & THE GEEKY!

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After a week off, Jon & Nitro are back in the saddle of the podcast redo we call the Good, The Bad & The Geeky! Find out if Paula Abdul is gonna be on an ABC Show! Find out what role Robert Downey Jr. may be getting but what other role he has sacraficed to do so! What was Jon's thoughts on "I Love You, Man"?  And further more, what the hell is James Cameron doing about saying the wave of the future isn't his new movie Avatar anymore, but instead new 3D-TVs?  (The above podcast image is 3-D tested and Red/blue 3-D approved!) We discuss the Avatar James Cameron craze or lack therof, wedding cakes, pies, birthdays, winning free DVDs and more all on this week's episode (which happens to be episode 99) of ....

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The Summer of 1997 Nitro & Jon start off strong with YOUR thoughts and opinions on Judd Apatow's new comedy, FUNNY PEOPLE, the new Disney Movie, G-FORCE... and get flack for not asking about 500 Days of Summer!  They also discuss the fate of the cast of FUTURAMA, who is trying to launch a remake of The Rockford Files, what the hell is Waterloo, who is directing Pirates of the Caribbean 4, what USA show was picked up, what SNL alum is joining the new Thursday edition of SNL's Weekend Update show, and much more! We also discuss our favorite film summer experience, why we miss something called "Don Pablo's" and we take some of our ustreamer's opinions as well!  How does all that lead up to 1997?  Find out all that and more on this week's episode....

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The 2009 San Diego Comic-Con Nitro & Jon return this week!  Feeling a bit blue and confused due to not having any twitters, e-mails or voicemails this week, Jon and Nitro go in and out of many strange topics, such as pedophilia, and our contest we're having for our 100th episode only 3 episodes away!!   They also discuss that you could e-mail in your suggestions for what the loser/winner has to do/recieve for the 2009 Emmy bet (as per our last episode).  Beyond that, we learn who is Natalie Portman's new nemesis in the new BLACK SWAN film, which Fox show will not have an episode air this following season, which major player in NBC has been given the boot,and which JOURNEYMAN cast-member joins the new Noah Wyle pilot for TNT, and much more.  They also discuss that small convention they threw in San Diego, featuring LOST, CHUCK,TMNT, and much more! All this on this week's episode....

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The 2009 GBG Emmy Bet
We have a great episode in store for you. Amidst reading your tweets and listening to your voicemail, we declare a new contest, which will begin next week, and the winner will be announced on the 100th GBG episode. We also discuss the new film, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and get some Fangela and their new song, "Here We Go Magic". We also discuss which classic and respected actor joins Danny Trejo’s Machete, what is happening to Mischa Barton’s new series, "The Beautiful Life". We also discuss how Futurama may be coming back, but not with all the original voices, and which original CSI cast member is returning to the show! (Is it Warrick?) Last but not least, for those who follow the show, we know there is always at award show time, a bet made, where whoever the loser of choosing the most correct winners of the Emmys and or the Oscars, they have to do something for the other. So, being the nominations were released, we go over the nominations, and Jon suggests we make YOU, fair listeners, the group that decides what is at stake! Have an idea what the loser needs to do if they lose the 2009 GBG Emmy bet? If so, e-mail us or use the contact us link on our main page and let us know!!!! All this craziness and more on this week's....


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Mmm Bop

The Ustream was a twitter so to speak tonight, with some weird and random things thanks to our ustreamers and their interesting chat!  Tonight on the show, we discuss who is the new Green Lantern, which star will be working on Jodie Foster's 'Beaver', we discuss our lack of want to see Bruno, Nitro states what he thought of the Code & Slumdog Millionare, why Spring Breakdown was a letdown, what reporters are getting for Shark Week, Jon's opinino of the indie film "The Confederate States of America", CBS's new Big Brother, AND we get your answer on last week's hypothetical of Brewster's Millions! All this and much more on this week's...


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The Wimp Clause Another day another dollar as the boys de la geek come atcha again with the newest.... uh, news in movies and tv, such as which rapper will be in the new Adam Sandler movie "FUNNY PEOPLE", who is directing the new PREDATORS movie, who in the Harry Potter cast has the SWINE FLU AND what Sopranos alum is joining the dames over on Wisteria Lane!  We also have more music from IODAPROMONET, featuring The Phenomenal Handclap Band, and we return from the break with taking and spinning an update on the 80's classic, Brewster's Millions, while ustreaming, <a target="_blank" href="">Live and Un-Edited</a>, we take some of the ustreamer's comments and suggestions on who would take the Wimp Clause in the challenge.  What are the details? Well, listen, find out on this week's episode of...

<p align="right">THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE GEEKY!</p>
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The Celebrity Apocalypse: Who You Gonna Call? In A Land, In a World, where celebrities die, in one very bad week at the end of June, prepare... FOR THE CELEBRITY APOCALYPSE!!! Jon & Nitro discuss the loss of major celebrities in the past 2 to 3 weeks and discuss the rule of 3 celebrity deaths and how it may or may not apply in this situation of the past month's worth of celebrity deaths.   We also discuss the oddity of the rule of 3 celebrity deaths, we discuss where we were when we heard Michael Jackson passed away, we also get reviews of the Ghostbusters video game, we discuss some of YOUR thoughts on the game, and we also discuss Jon & Kate Plus 8 and the big divorce, PLUS we disucss when the initial cast of HOUSE returns, who is leaving and staying at Grey's Anatomy, which writer on HEROES has flown the coupe, which direcor is producing Mission Impossible 4, The Academy Awards and it's new entires and rules for Best Picture and music and which Zack Snyder film is getting a sequel/follow up... all on this week's episode of...


Technical Note Affecting Podcast AND USTREAM: The last 5-10 minutes there is some USB-port problems. You're prolly going, so what? Well, it effected our uStream as well, but apparently it sounds like we have a weird staticy-electro-synthesizer-effect going on.  We kept it in, but we apologize in advance for the last 6 minutes, Nitro had gotten some new equipment and didn't properly set it up.  We apologize for the inconvenience and hope that it will not happen again.
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Happy Father's Day!

Nick Nitro & Jon are taking the weekend off so here is some new music thanks to IODApromonet dot com, and we even through a classic GBG track for good measure! We hope you all enjoy this laid-laid-back episode of... THE GOOD THE BAD & THE GEEKY!

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Fun and Games At the FreedomWay
Over the week we recieved some kooky voicemails, and we decide to get to the bottom of it by calling the individual back, live on our show!  As we call "Mary" back, we go over an e-mail and get right into the news and what a newsy week it was too.  This was the weekend that not only did Nick see The Brothers Bloom, but America switched over and converted to the digital age, leaving analog televisions behind!  Find out who returns in the HOBBIT, what Joss Whedon said regarding the new Buffy Film, (he said more stuff, yah!), who visited Jimmy Fallon, what the verdict on the life span of "My Name Is Earl" is, and which former HEROES star is heading over to Starz! Network's CRASH.   All this, a new parody song called "Fun & Games", and more... on this week's episode of-

<p align="right">THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE GEEKY!</p>
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EP 1 A.B. - The Man, the Wild, & The Hangover... The first episode after we interviewed Scrubs and Cougar Town Bill Lawrence, and we now have a new way to label the episodes now.  With that being said, we discuss some of your thoughts on our interview last week, and we discuss the horrifying discovery of David Carradine found dead, how NBC is setting Jay Leno to fail, and when "The Adventures of Tin-Tin" will be released in correlationcorelation to Europe.  We also discuss the whole Eminem/Bruno ordeal, what LOST fans are saying about the new ABC show promo (and how to NOT get their hopes up) and which actor from the original 90210 is coming to One Tree Hill.  We also review Conan's first week, what we thought of Conan settling in, Man vs Wild, and we begin to lightly touch on "The Hangover" which debuted number 2 this week at thebox office. All this, Crash King's Mountain Man and more on this week's...

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Bill Lawrence Saves Us From A 'Fizzle-Suck'...

Nick Nitro & Jon come back at you with another creamy episode of geeky-goodness! We answer some twitter responses about Susan Boyle, FRINGE, as we get to the news, where we learn who the new "Trinity Killer" on Dexter is, what some of the movies that are headed to TBS and TNT  in the upcoming years, who's in the new Kevin Smith movie, Chevy Chase's return to films, what show will have up to THREE orgies this upcoming season, (I know!) and what to make on this whole "Buffy movie" nonsense that is going around. 

But lo-behold, as you will tell, Nitro's game was off tonight, and had problems functioning during the opening/news segment. As such, we (Jon) decided we needed some help on the second half of the show, so we had our friend of the podcast, SCRUBS creator BILL LAWRENCE, phone in to lend a hand, and boy, did he help!  He even (unknowingly) helped us coin tonight's episode title for the first half of the show! Bill also lays down some talk on his new show COUGAR-TOWN, the return of SCRUBS, answering fan-questions, plus who won the MY SCRUBS CONTEST... (there was another winner!)... all on this week's episode of....


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Worst... Show... Ever. We Pinky Promise.

The e-mails! The tweets! The twits! The Minotaur and his affections for Kelly! Nick Nitro & Jon try to go on a trek upon the stars, as Nick Nitro reviews Star Trek but more importantly reviews his first ever IMAX experience.   While the upfronts are still forthcoming for some networks, Jon helps Nick find the new show "Glee" which will be coming out this fall, but also find out which ABC shows get picked up, canceled, and tonight, breaking as we record, we learn the fate of NBC's Chuck! Oh noes!   Nitro also discusses with Jon, the differences between the film and the book on Tom Hanks & Ron Howards' "Angels & Demons" now in theaters, and which one is better, both book or film, between The DaVinci Code and Angels & Demons?  We also discuss upcoming films, and how we keep missing this guy named Van from the Bahamas.   Find out how all of this makes it the worst..... show.... ever... all on this week's...

The Good, the Bad & THE GEEKY!

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Appeasing the Podcasting Gods... Originally recorded Sunday Night May 15th, 2009.  To Appease the podcasting gods, we had so much news, and we didn't want to 'redo' anything, so we released it, a week later, as a two fer one update!  Jon and Nitro do the news, and answer tons of e-mails we've recieved and twitter responses.  We also release the FINAL episode of GBG Idol.  We also got news on pending releases, some minor thoughts on Wolverine amidst the news, and more, all on this week's...

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Red 2 Blu, Streaming Too Jon returns as a married man, (sorry ladies) as The Good the Bad & The Geeky officially returns.  The show (due to Nitro's incessant rambling) gets onto a rocky start, but soon evens out (when Nitro stops rambling!) as we go over some of the news hitting hollyweird this past week, specially in regards to the shake-up and loss at NBC, how it effects shows like Medium, CHUCK, Law & Order and Southland, and which Robert Zemeckis property is he wanting to go back and re-visit.. is it Back to the Future? Or maybe Tales from the Crypt? We discuss it on the show.  PLUS: we get Jon's opinion on the whole Red 2 Blu H-DVD to Blu-Ray DVD transfer found on, plus our thoughts on NetFlix and the new streaming services that is out there.  Are you up for no more DVDs, but straight online bought movies, ala iTunes, or are you a 'wanna hold a DVD in my hand' kind of guy?  We discuss and weigh the pros and cons.  (have a thought on this? <a target="_blank" href="">Let us know!</a>)  And should be amiss to say one of us has seen WOLVERINE: X-MEN ORIGNS, and some quick thoughts on the AMAZING finale to Chuck, and what our heroes thought about NBC's HEROES ?  Find out all this and MORE on this week's...

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Happier Times.... A new era of the Good, The Bad & The Geeky begins, and we begin not with a bang but a whimper.  We get a few e-mails about Eli Stone Season 2, but we also get questions about the 'disbandment' that occured over the Good, The Bad & The Geeky, or really, Jimmy's departure from the show.  Nitro goes in-depth into the breakdown of such, and how the Good, The Bad & The Geeky as you know it is dead.  We even go further in bringing you news such as who is doing the new PREDATOR(s) movie, we discuss news of a CSI movie being bantered about, what british book will Marlon Wayans be bringing to the screen, if KINGS has been moved further into the summer, how long the Ugly Betty Season Finale is, also find out if Grey's Anatomy and other ABC shows are being picked up for next season, but importantly, we discuss season finales in some capacity.. from LIFE to ELI STONE and to this season's CHUCK, and even to Southland. Al this,  DJ Augdawg filling in for Jon this week, e-mails, news and MORE... all on this week's....

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Manly Men Doing Manly Things on is back in the saddle this week despite an amazing hardy week partying up at his bachelor party.  Being that we were all manly men doing manly things, we had a blast, the hangover still hanging over our heads (or Nitro's head.)   Despite such, Nitro, Jimmy and Jon still kick it with e-mails and news, such as the passing of a cast member from Joss Whedon's ANGEL, The Wolverine movie being leaked on line, and word of how it's all a ruse, who's doing the next few episodes of SNL, and thank god, someone is rebelling against NBC on airing the totally not funny Jay Leno 10pm show. One of the Thursday night shows on NBC's is dangerously close to cancellation (and it might just be the Office? Or is it?), NBC's number 1 drama is getting renewed, but may lose it's two leads, PLUS:   As we go into news, the debate rages on the new Star Trek movie... is it a reboot or a sequel?  Some of our uStreamers from our live and un-edited feed chime in during the show, and it causes one of us to eventually storm out, and we will confirm it is NOT JON!!! All on this week's on.... THE GOOD THE BAD & THE GEEKY!
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She Doesn't Use Jelly. She Uses A Hammer. With the calamity that occured last week, Jon is again absent, but have no fear, Nitro & Jimmy are here!  We got some (real!! we swear!!) e-mails about our reviews on the BSG finale from last week's episode, and also why do the fans call it BSG, not BG?  We also take technical question e-mails for the new site over at , and a few others.   We also raise the question, if she doesn't use jelly, what does she use? While one might suspect a hammer, as per our title, don't let your eyes fool you.  We discuss quite a few things, we also discuss the developing thoughts on NBC's new show "KINGS", how Ian McShane speaks, and Nitro tries to do a review of Monsters vs Aliens, but sadly cannot stop talking about THE OFFICE and it's plot twists and turns!  We also reveal a few spoilers, and also dig on some info on who will be committing sucicide this year on the show HOUSE in our GBG FanFlow! So those who MUST know, then<a href=""> try our free trial</a> (or subscribe) to find our what our informants are telling us, or find out what <a href="">the next script for GBG IDOL</a> will go like! All this and MORE on this week's episode of... THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE GEEKY!!
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Nick Nitro vs Jimmy: ROUND 82~!

With Mae and Jon both out for the night, Nick Nitro and Jimmy step into the ring, and do they bring it?! Do They?  

<em><strong>THEY DO!! </strong></em>

Nitro and Jimmy go toe-to-toe over the menial things in life: Twitter, Bethpage (a city in NY), The Classic Star Wars vs Star Trek, tv show pilots, the movie "I Love You, Man" and yo momma to boot!  (Note: one of those is a lie.) BUT... Who is victorious? Is it one of those "There Can Only Be One Left" totally bullshit situations like in Highlander? OR can they team up together to fight evil, moon their UStream camera and Jimmy's cold to boot?  FIND OUT!! All on this week's episode of....

<p align="right">THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE GEEKY!</p>

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All Along The Watchtower...
With Jon returning, and Jimmy seeing Watchmen over the weekend, we answer listener mail with their thoughts on Watchmen and further continue the question from last week which is, would you sacrafice many for the fate of much much more many people?  Find out who says what.  We also got tons of more news on some Marvel movies, such as which may be getting the reboot treatment, and also who has a search warrant for their arrest.  We also discuss George Clooney's return to ER, while going over Breaking Bad's Season 2 opener, and what Jimmy thought on the new South Park Season Premiere about the Jonas Brothers.
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Forget the Watchmen.... Who Watches the GBG? Nick goes through the process of watching the watchmen, and begs the question: who watches the GBG?  Besides on our ustream. Hah.  Jimmy reviews the 2 hour event of Brothers & Sisters as Nitro and Jimmy lead a conversation on Watchmen which spans into Harry Potter and even Star Trek.  Jimmy gives his thoughts on Jimmy Fallon's first three shows, and ATTENTION GREG GRUNBERG & MASI OKA: we have a new show you should pitch to.... prolly for the USA network but anywhere really.  If we could get your thoughts on it, it'd be neat, thanks.  We also got tons of news, plus info on the Rhianna - Chris Brown fiasco still ongoing, and which member of the Big Bang Theory cast will have a new love interest!  All this, nuclear armeggdon, compromise, and more, all on this week's episode of...

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GBG Episode 79 Hugh Jackman, Lost, & The Casting Spectacular (with co-host Happy Trombone) This episode is edited by Jimmy.  All mistakes go on Jimmy's head.  Nick is away at convention, and we jump right in with a special substitute co-host!  Hear the latest casting notes for many, many numerous tv shows and movies, hear what shows have been picked up for another season, hear our hosts talk on and on about Lost, hear us critique Hugh Jackman's performance, hear all about our opinions on Rhiana and Chris Brown, and hear a brand new song from Jon that Jimmy can't help but ruin!  Hear what Jimmy forgot to put into the podcast until the last moment about premieres and Jimmy Fallon guests.  Hear Jackman's complete Oscar song.  Hear a musical number from Doogie Howser, M.D.  Also, Jimmy is tired and can't think of a synonym for 'hear'.  Wait!  Listen!  Aww...  Maybe Happy Trombone will cheer me up. :)

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Conan's Final Show, Grey's Crossover, Jimmy & The Breakfast Club
This week features us replying to alot of your twitters or tweets or whatever you call it, a few e-mails, as our new co-host (of the female persuassion) ING, (Infamous New Girl) and Jimmy discuss the crossover on Grey's Anatomy, while Nitro reviews and fauns over the season finale of Pysch featuring Rachel Leigh Cook and surprise guest Ally Sheedy.  We learn that Jimmy has never seen The Breakfast Club, Jimmy reviews Conan's final show, see what Jimmy things about his parting words, where Nitro will be next week, Megacon 2009 and much more... all on this week's...
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He's Just Not That Into You.... The Infamous New Girl, Charmae, makes her grande appearance on this week's episode, as the boys hit up the normal news and reviews, such as some of the Chris vs Rhianna thing, we also discuss news on the rumors swirling about people leaving Grey's Anatomy, what new thing Ben Folds is cooking up, the odds of Terminator being picked up next season, and we also discuss our valentine's day.  Up for Reviews, did Alec Baldwin score one on SNL this week?  What show did Nitro really enjoy this week?  It's all on this week's episode of..... THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE GEEKY!
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Coraline & The Structured Randomness

the GBG gang strike back with a fury as they are all over place, but in a very structured way.  Our heroes start the show answering a few e-mails, and even reveal a new parody for the show!  We also discuss news for BSG Caprica fans, and what network is getting a new vampire show, and what cast member is returning to 90210~!  So much more, plus a review of Coraline in 3-D, and other bits of strange randomness so weird we can't properly describe them here, all on this week's episode of....


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Jon Gets LOST, Nick Cs I, Jimmy's Dark Night, & The Oscars Hit A Wall-E The trio are back in business, as snow storm after snow storm plummets the mid-west, we brave the cold and snow to bring you a new GBG full of creamy goodness.  We answer some surprising e-mails from some listeners, while we go over some news, (like Paris Hilton), and we also do some reviews, such as is CSI: Crime Scene Investigation still good anymore withOUT Grissom?  And has Jon finally, truly, honestly watched LOST?  And if so, what does he think will happen?  More importantly though, it is that season again, and the OSCARS are upon us. Every year there is a bet that occurs and guess what?  We named our OSCAR picks.  We avoid any confusion this time and take the girlfriends, wives, family members out of the equation.   We truly get our opinions, find out who thinks Dark Knight wasn't snubbed for the Best Picture, and even though we may not want it to win, what films will sweep the academy awards this year? Is it the Wrestler? Or Benajmin Button? Maybe Slumdog Millionare or is is The Reader?  And what does Giada De Laurentiis has to do with tonight's show? Find out on tonight's exciting episode of...


Rules of the Engagement A very big show is now available, and sadly we are absent Jon, as a snow-storm slams into Ohio, USA.  It is the episode following Marc Guggenheim's interview, and during the news section, Nitro (perhaps over-analyzes) a possible scoop from last week's interview, (<a href="" target="_blank">click here to listen to last week's episode</a>) and we discuss the big news and the rules of the engagement as Jimmy is now engaged! Hear the harrowing tale of how Jimmy purposed!  Not only that we have tons of news and scoop on our favorite new comedy, Big Bang Theory, and we also discuss vanity cards, the premiere of L0ST and Battlestar Galagtica, and we also get into the debate of ethics on typical phrases said or thrown about when discussing people in the spotlight (specially those in the political arena).  Nitro visits GHOST TOWN starring Ricky Gervais, Tea Leoni & Greg Kinnear, and someone leaves us a voicemail about a show they are now watching.  All this and much, much more, only on this week's-

<p align="right">THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE GEEKY!</p>
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bELIeve: Marc Guggenheim Is In AWE of Us!!!
As announced last week officially, and if you follow our twitter, which Nitro and Jimmy updated constantly (and occasionally fight on, causing you to think whoever typing is a schitzo) well, you know that we've been advertising that our interview this week, our first real interview is with Marc Guggenheim.  If you're not familar with Marc, well you should be.  He has written episodes of The Practice, he has produced Brothers & Sisters, CSI: Miami, and has written Call of Duty 3 and also wrote the upcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine video game, and more importantly, at least to GBG listeners and Nitro, Jon & Jimmy themselves, he is the co-creator of ELI STONE.  Add the fact that he is writing the upcoming Green Lantern movie, (and NOT GREEN HORNET as we for some reason say) and he is writing the big story arc called Character Assassination for one of Marvel's flagship titles, The Amazing Spider-man, you have one cool cat who is obviously very geeky and is, dare we say, the bee's knees.  We ask important questions such as Eli Stone, what is really going on with the show, is it coming back or not, and we also discuss Green Lantern and hint of a Superman cameo,  did Marc dig Batman Forever, and also what exactly does the titles of producers mean on a tv show anyway?  We answer all these questions and more with one of the most down to earth and coolest guys to ever 'pop our serious-interview cherry' so to speak, all on this week's...

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How Gran Turinos, Frost/Nixon, Tom Cruise and Appletinis Make Me Feel Fancy
We're back into the new year with tons of news and reviews!  With tons of news included discussion over the fate of a Brothers & Sisters alum, also one of us, for the greater good sacraficed our DVR. Find out who it is? Was it Jimmy, Jon or Nitro?  We also discuss Neil Patrick Harris on SNL, Jimmy catches up on Prison Break, and we review Clint Eastwood's new movie, Gran Torino, Frost/Nixon, that Tom Cruise movie about hitler, and we discuss how we feel fancy when we have an appletini, as we welcome back SCRUBS!!!

ALSO BIG NEWS!!! We have a name that we will be reviewing this week. Find out who it is, and get your questions in!  All on this week's...


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YES, man... you're no longer "Privileged"... With Jon handling some stuff,  and despite Nitro feeling absolutely horrible, hacking up his lungs, and what have yous, Jimmy and Nitro come at you with the e-mails, news and reviews.  Jimmy plays catch-up for the past 4 weeks with news and reviews, such as reviewing Eli Stone and the Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, we discuss who is possibly 'fired' from Brothers & Sisters, who is no longer "Privileged", and we discuss which actress is, dare we say, frakable, and what actors and actresses on Heroes are cute as a button and maybe others we'd like to date.  Nitro also discusses his review of "Yes, Man", the new Jim Carrey comedy.  Was it good? Was it funny? How does it compare to other Jim Carrey comedies? Or is it a wait for dvd release? We also reveal another possible winner for the GBG Facebook Christmas giveaway.  Who won? Well, find out on the first year's new episode of...

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