The Good, The Bad, and The Geeky!
The Good, The Bad and the Geeky! (or GBG for short) is a podcast where Nick Arganbright sits down with some of his friends in the local Columbus Ohio theater, film and improv scene and talk a bunch of geeky stuff. Some good, some bad but all of it definitely geeky. Contains explicit content, parental discretion is advised. Updates vary from weekly to bi-weekly.
Lightning B0LTs, Twilight sucks and bELIeve

We have a review of two movies out this week, Disney's B0LT and the new big teen movie Twilight. So does Twilight suck? Who reviewed which? Was it Jimmy or Nick Nitro?  Both guys try to keep the house of cards steady without Jon who is moving into his new pad, but we do our best; Jimmy and Nitro try to remember what movies they've seen previous thanksgivings, while reporting the news and also review Life on Mars, and more importantly, beg and plead with you to help save Eli Stone and Pushing Daisies. While reviewing New Adventures of Old Chirstina, Nitro & Jimmy argue and discuss Prop 8, and discuss the difference between Doomsday from the comics and Doomsday in the new Cloverfield-inspired episode of Smallville.  Nitro and Jimmy also announce some of the prizes available on the contest, (listen after the break to find out what movies will be available...) Add that, and Uncle Patrick's return... you have yourself another exciting adventure with...




Write a tactful and polite letter stating your dislike in their approval of not renewing Eli Stone or your favorite show and address it to:

Steve McPherson, President
ABC Entertainment
ABC, Inc.
500 S. Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521-4551


Call this number ~~~>:     (818) 460-7477

press 1 (for abc networks primetime)
press 2 (opinions 30 sec comments)
press 2 (for the list primetime shows)
and press extension 354 for eli stone
then comes a beep and be ready to leave a message!!

For your own particular show, dial

press 1 (for abc networks primetime)
press 2 (opinions 30 sec comments)
press 2 (for the list primetime shows)
and follow the prompts for your show...

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