The Good, The Bad, and The Geeky!
Host Nick Arganbright (from It's All Been Done Radio Hour) talks anything and everything from slice of life to movies, tv, comic books, video games and more. With a wide-array of friends, guests from the local Columbus Ohio Theater and Improv scene... you can be sure that whatever it is, it’s mostly good, a skosh bad but ALWAYS geeky. Contains explicit content. Parental Discretion is advised. Each season is updated weekly to bi-weekly usually from March to August/December of the year.
Season Finale (2007-2008) Celebrating our one year (even tho it's a few weeks late) we made sure all three of us were here to witness our birthday.  Not only that, we have a special song for everyone who's stuck around this long, but ALSO... this episode is huge cos we discuss the new Indiana Jones movie, plus every tv show finale we can think of except... L0ST (as it was airing the time we were recording... expect that review next week along with Sex and the City...)

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The News & Best of the GBG Without Jon here, Nitro and Jimmy just do news this week as we await next week's return of our missing co-host, and of course, we cover all finales that have aired! 

After the news, we play some of the best songs/covers by the GBG gang!

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The Up-Fronts: Reaper RETURNS! Hot off the presses when it was originally recorded Sunday night, Reaper returns!   Jimmy and I discuss, while Jon is absent, tons of news, Nitro has seen Speed Racer and Made of Honor over Mother's day weekend, and has a lot to say about thunderbeads! Jimmy also reviews the big gay wedding on Brothers & Sisters while Nitro also gives a nod to Scott Kurtz's PvP!

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Sell Outs We return this week with some big news life or death news for an ABC series, one of the tabloid girls finds herself on Ugly Betty, Nitro reviews Grand Theft Auto 4, and the new Iron Man, Nitro and Jon share stories on them viewing the first Harold & Kumar (Go To White Castle) upon discussing what word of mouth they heard on the new sequel, and Jon pulls out the big guns to combat Jimmy on American Idol, all whilst seemingly selling out to the man! So sit back, grab a martini (cos it's so money) and enjoy this week's-


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