The Good, The Bad, and The Geeky!
The Good, The Bad and the Geeky! (or GBG for short) is a podcast where Nick Arganbright sits down with some of his friends in the local Columbus Ohio theater, film and improv scene and talk a bunch of geeky stuff. Some good, some bad but all of it definitely geeky. Contains explicit content, parental discretion is advised. Updates vary from weekly to bi-weekly.
American Gladiators, Format Wars, Will Smith Becomes a Scientologist, Oh My! Nick Nitro fumbles his way at the beginning of the show as Jon and Jimmy keep it together enough that by the time the news starts, Nitro is ready and rearing to go! The GBG-ganghas TONS of news this week, ranging from reviews of Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd & Enchanted, to the new American Gladiators! In the news, we discuss the DVD-format wars, Jon can personally vouch for HD-DVD against Blu-Ray, whilst Jimmy discusses Will Smith's turn to a new religion! And everything mentioned just now doens't begin to cover all the stuff we got this week!
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