The Good, The Bad, and The Geeky!
The Good, The Bad and the Geeky! (or GBG for short) is a podcast where Nick Arganbright sits down with some of his friends in the local Columbus Ohio theater, film and improv scene and talk a bunch of geeky stuff. Some good, some bad but all of it definitely geeky. Contains explicit content, parental discretion is advised. Updates vary from weekly to bi-weekly.
The 2008 GBG Extreme Christmas Extravaganza! Almost peaking at an hour, that means that we have an hour of awkward and strange comedy bits and songs ranging from the instant Christmas Classic, Home on the Little House of Bethelem, Chesnuts on An Open Fire, Enormous Penis and more! Also featuring such wonderful sketches such as Jesus vs Dr. Phil, Jimmy & Nitro's bitter back-biting, the world being Grey & Hopeless, Robert Evans, Mr. Know-It-All and Jon's amazing guitar. I'd be amiss to say J. Edgar Cloverfield may make an appearance as well as that damn cat that Nick Nitro hates alot too.  Heck, we might even get Stephen Colbert and Straight No Chaser in on the festivities SOOOOOO.... sit back, relax, and get festive, bitches, with...


Go to to find out how you can get a copy of the ENHANCED 2008 GBG Christmas Special with chapters so you can skip over certain segments to get to your favorite part!

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From Somewhere Deep Within Acme Labs... INTERRUPTING TRANSMISSIONS------
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Your Top 3 Holiday Movies  Plus The PROP 8 Boston Legal Finale

Jimmy gets an e-mail via twitter regarding his cat and his attempted sucicide by Christmas Lights. Hear the daring doo that Jimmy goes through to stop SnuggleBunny F-tard's struggle to end it all. Speaking of twitter, Jimmy gets in on the game, (now at @goodbadgeeky) on the GBG feed. Now our quest to get Jon on the twitter feed!

We also discuss why we do e-mails, Jimmy makes a promise on the e-mail section, plus we go over how Pushing Daises creator Bryan Fuller is helping Heroes get back into shape story/plot wise, and which Grey's Anatomy star is leaving the show. PLUS we go over the Boston Legal finale and we each dish out our top 3 holiday movies. Have one yourself? E-mail or twitter us and let us know!

Enjoy the last normal show of the year on...


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Our First Contest Winner, That "Urine" Smell, More Tropic Thunder Thoughts & Casino, Oh My!

The first drawing of those who filled out surveys has arrived! Find out who won!  We also discuss the smell and color of urine.  (Yes, it was a slow news week)Not to whip a little science at everyone, but we discuss the foods that make it smell or look funky.  That's right. We go there. We have 'the balls' to discuss it and bring out in the open.  With GBG having it's own twitter account , we have actually gotten some messages and discussions back and forth with our listeners, which we hit on one or two of them tonight, and we also discuss tons of news! Find out what sci-fi's judgement on Caprica was, and what exactly making Izzie from Grey's Anatomy sleep with dead guys. We have the answer. Nick finally sees Casino (starring DeNiro and Pesci) and gives his thoughts, while Jimmy offers his thoughts on Tropic Thunder upon watching it this last week on Blu-Ray. Since Jon has been gone the past few weeks, we discuss his moving into his new place, also some tips in case you're an idiot and you're not sure how 'fire' works. All this and much more on this week's..


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Go Whopper Virgins, Go!

As Jon is off finishing moving into his new house, we go over which person will be a proud parent of How I Met Your Mother, Nitro offers his reviews of the new 007 movie, Jimmy and his girlfriend travel back to Australia,  with a few thoughts on how Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman and Baz Lurhman can run the cattle ranch!  We also review Rosie O'Donnel's new variety show, find out what we both think, and if there will be more, PLUS we go over which CBS Crime drama gets it's own or another spin-off, which ABC show is doing a cross-over and which spectre will continue to haunt our favorite blone on Grey's Anatomy, and news on 'Til Death's life on television.  And what would an episode after thanksgiving go without reviewing our own thanksgivings.    And as we do all this, we ponder the most important question of all... what is a whopper virgin? What do you think a whopper virgin is, or the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the phrase whopper virgin?  FIND OUT OUR THOUGHTS on...


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Lightning B0LTs, Twilight sucks and bELIeve

We have a review of two movies out this week, Disney's B0LT and the new big teen movie Twilight. So does Twilight suck? Who reviewed which? Was it Jimmy or Nick Nitro?  Both guys try to keep the house of cards steady without Jon who is moving into his new pad, but we do our best; Jimmy and Nitro try to remember what movies they've seen previous thanksgivings, while reporting the news and also review Life on Mars, and more importantly, beg and plead with you to help save Eli Stone and Pushing Daisies. While reviewing New Adventures of Old Chirstina, Nitro & Jimmy argue and discuss Prop 8, and discuss the difference between Doomsday from the comics and Doomsday in the new Cloverfield-inspired episode of Smallville.  Nitro and Jimmy also announce some of the prizes available on the contest, (listen after the break to find out what movies will be available...) Add that, and Uncle Patrick's return... you have yourself another exciting adventure with...




Write a tactful and polite letter stating your dislike in their approval of not renewing Eli Stone or your favorite show and address it to:

Steve McPherson, President
ABC Entertainment
ABC, Inc.
500 S. Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521-4551


Call this number ~~~>:     (818) 460-7477

press 1 (for abc networks primetime)
press 2 (opinions 30 sec comments)
press 2 (for the list primetime shows)
and press extension 354 for eli stone
then comes a beep and be ready to leave a message!!

For your own particular show, dial

press 1 (for abc networks primetime)
press 2 (opinions 30 sec comments)
press 2 (for the list primetime shows)
and follow the prompts for your show...

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007 James Bond in Star Wars: The Edge of Proximity

It's been one great year since Jon has joined our show, and instead of cake, a party and a hat, we look into the future, 14 years in to see what it has in store for Jon and for us at the Good the Bad & The Geeky! Freaky-Deaky! We also get an e-mail about Paul & Storm or one of them coming to Ohio and not dropping into say hi (what is up with that?). Jimmy's racism is rearing it's ugly head (or at least, Jon and Nitro are wanting it to so they can crucify him for it) while Jimmy also discusses a happy year since he has 'been' with his girlfriend. (sorry ladies, it's serious!)

Instead of going to see James Bond 007's new movie this week, the gang (well Nitro) thinks of a possible bond movie title, while Jimmy reviews the big twist in Ghost Whisperer, what he thinks, and Jon reviews the Country Music Awards.  Jimmy surprises us all and reviews the Star Trek trailer from youtube while Nitro and Jon wrap it up with a review of the new Star Wars: Force Unleashed game... all on this week's...


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-Insert Witty Banter With Jon out of the picture this week, Jimmy dies hard and with a vengeance as we go over the word "Lifesex" why Nick is a prick, and how apparently there is a Pataskala in North or South Carolina as well as Ohio.  All that in just the first 20-30 minutes!

 From there, we go over some of the news, half-way through we start doing the show on a live feed for those interested, and we also discuss the end of the Obama Speech, Grey's Anatomy, and which cop drama was picked up for a full second season and which was dropped from Jimmy's TiVo! We go over a lot more and even get some personal crap in the air, all on tonight's-

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Jon & Nitro Watch Kevin Smith's Movie about Zach & Miri Making A Porno!

While we would call the show "The No Jimmy Show" in lieu of such classic running jokes here on the GBG podcast we opt for a more 'titillating' tile for you, fair viewer listener.

The Halloween Show goes well, despite missing two stories of a few that we garnered from Jimmy, we were able to do the news, and without the steady rock of Jimmy to keep the show sailing smoothly, Jon steps up to the bat, not only to deliver classic Jon-comedy, but to also keep the show afloat as much he can!  But enough of personal trials of said show, let's get to the meat and potatoes, if it were.  Well, let's say "Smores".  Jon's treat for me and Jimmy being winners, was cooking Smores, and we even delivered it to poor sick Jimmy. (Expect video on that in the next few days or so...)

Nitro coins a new word called "Lifesex" while Nitro and Jon also discuss some of the possible prizes available for the big contest coming up (some nice ones) and much more, so make sure you do a survey.  We then get into some exciting news about who was fired by NBC head hanchos on the show HEROES! Learn what two CBS Shows are cut from the line-up!  There is a new writer for Spider-man 4! Melrose Place 2.0 is coming soon, and will it have Heather Locklear? Did Samanatha Who "wow" it's way to another season? Does Mary McDonnald tell us what her symptoms are when she becomes apart of Grey's Anatomy?

We also pay mad homage to Kevin Smith, the dude who does Clerks, Clerks 2, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Jeresy Girl,  The Reaper Pilot, Clerks: TAS, Clerks 2 and the "Evening With" dvds, as Jon and Nitro both give their thoughts on "Zach Zack and Miri Make a Porno" which not only leads down the path of "the order of their favorite Kevin Smith movies by flick title, but also leads to Jon's review of "Iron Man" and his thoughts on the classic gem "Godzilla" starring Matthew Broderick. To quote Nitro: "I didn't bring it up this time!"  And since Jimmy's gone, Nick Nitro and Jon listen to the McCain opening sketch and perform a song for Jimmy while's he's gone, all on this week's...

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Episode 62: Remember This Face

For those who don't remember, for each major award show (major for us, anyways) like the Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes, etc, we have a bet, where the loser has to do something for the other two.  The Emmy Picks episode's bet was whoever lost, had to serve it to us, and Jon announces this week his 'dinner' idea has fully formed and will be presented to us next week!

Jimmy leads the charge this week into news, such as some new casting news, who from "Aliens in America" is jumping over to Heroes, who from SNL was absent this week with the "whys" on their taking of leave.  Nitro and Jon get their protesting groove on, while we also present, in case you missed it, the opening sketch from the Thursday SNL episode, and we review Eli Stone's Katie Holmes, and how SNL has a boner for Coldplay, or if not, is it because the said absent cast member?

So sit back, relax as...


-try to help you FIX IT!!!!



The Good, The Bad & The Geeky
Have News or a Comment?  Think Nitro, Jon and Jimmy are full of crap? Let us know!

D4K Studios ©2007 - 2008
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The Best Show You're Not Watching Returns

Episode 61 begins, as Jimmy, the guy who walked out of last week's episode due to some bullying on Nitro and Jon's behalf, returns as Jon is missing. Is there more drama afoot? We get all into it, as we also discuss e-mails stating a few rude comments Nitro made unintentionally about the men and women serving in the armed forces, who does the art for the book Tales of the 4th Grade Nothing before jumping into the news!  Nitro and Jimmy scour the interwebs and it's said "series of tubes" for latest dirt on the Terminator show, why we think the Mentalist is 'just okay' including more news such as who was cast and now has a photo of the leader of the group of men in Tarentino's Inglorious Basterds!  We move onto reviews going over another great Office episode, and the show that is possibly the best show (to appease Jimmy, minus Battlestar) which you may not be watching, that is on television.  Which one is it? Chuck? Big Bang Theory? Eleventh Hour? Kath & Kim? Eli Stone? Pushing Daises? Listen in with your Green Tambourine all on this weeks'...



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How To Lose Friends & Alienate People All For The Word Of The Bird...

This week Jimmy is on the defensive (comically, of course) as Jon and Nitro lounge after him for a series of random things as Jimmy discusses the news, such as what other 90210 star is returning to the scene later this year, and in what 'fashion' they shall return, plus we have reviews from Nitro and Jimmy on what shows to totally avoid this year, Nitro's ultimate favorite? Jimmy's? Tune in to find out. We also got agreat song by John, a guy who is Bo, fo' sho', and we also got a word. A word that BIRD is the WORD.  If you'd like to know about said word about the said bird, cos you'd like to know that bird is the word, ba-ba-ba-bird bird bird, bird is the world, then open your ears and listen! We got birds, the words, the bees, news, How to Lose Friends & Alienate People and the three of us fighting like cats and dogs, leaving one of the cast members to DRAMATICALLY WALK OUT!!!  All on this week's...


PS: Dramatically walking out is not a sponsor of the word of the bird. Ah-thank-you.

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The End of the Begining of the End Is The Cliche

Nitro is mock exhausted after Mid-Ohio Con! Work Emergencies make Jon scarce this week! Nitro fakes sleeping during the show. Our quickest show yet, well, depending on what plane of existence you're from.    We talk the usual Paul & Storm, Nitro rants on Heroes as Jimmy gets the job done by talking about all the favorite new shows and episodes.

It really is that precise. :)  Want to know more, such as what Steve Carrel film is getting a sequel, which new show is picked up for 6 more episodes, and what other show is dangerously close on Nitro's DVR from getting cut from the "Taped on the DVR lineup", well then, listen to this week's confusingly numb but oddly funny episode of...


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Googly Eyes On Paul Newman's Face

Despite much respect for the man, Jimmy, who was camping this weekend before doing the show, had no source of news, so he was shocked to hear that Paul Newman's death was not a joke! Listen to who wants to pour "Newman's Own Salad Dressing" on the classic actor's face, and who rather put on googly eyes. All is done with much respect for the man, the myth, the legend, Paul Newman, also from our native Ohio.  Not only do we respect Mr. Newman in our own GBG way, we discuss Jimmy's Girlfriend, Morganand some possible new nicknames, we have normal news (who is coming back to Boston Legal and much more), reviews of the new shows that premiered this last week (like the Mentalist) and also have review sneak-peaks of CHUCK and LIFE season premieres before they air Monday, September 30th!! ALSO the results are in, but the jury is out on the bet on the Emmy's.  Not sure what we mean? Was there a loser detirmined? Find out who won, who lost, and who will cook dinner for the other two (or now, three?) Insert a new parody by Jon and Nitro about the power outtages caused by Hurricane Ike in Ohio a week or so ago, and you have another full episode of...


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Not Giving A Shat(ner)  about Pat Godwin (with Paul & Storm but not really)

After Ohio was slugged with the aftereffects of Hurricane Ike, no fear, Nitro and Jimmy are here! In an effort to not wait until Next Sunday, Nitro and Jimmy do a show to appease the masses while it may be sans Jimmy next week! But on with the show, right?

You know how we mention Pat Godwin every episode? No longer! Find out who our knew 'podcast-stalker crush' is! Also we got lots of news about William Shatner! One of the bigger items is he discusses his thoughts on the new Star Trek film and the rumors saying he was asked but said no.  Also, the night we recorded this was emmy's night! Hear our dread as we list nominees who become winners. (Remember the bet from Episode 51? The guys sure do, and they do NOT want to lose and be serving the others dinner like a bitch!) We also feature other news such as info about Speilberg's and Jackson's TINTIN maybe getting the hault or full-go ahead, what new pilot Sci-Fi picked up.. (is it the Battlestar pilot rumaging about?) and much much more.

Review wise, we also have a sneak peak review of the movie "Nick & Norah's Infiniate Playlist" which opens October 3rd!  What did Nitro and Jimmy think of it? Also, do our heroes think Fringe is better than X-Files? Find out all this and more... on this week's-

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Geeky Hills: 90210

Another Jon-less episode appears as Nitro and Jimmy fend off attacking Gremlins! Gaining steam from the gremlins 2 DVD/Video on Demand fan-made short on youtube, the Gremlins (thanks to snugglebunny fucktard, Jimmy's cat,) invade the studio while Nitro and Jimmy bring you the latest television and movie news, while we review the movie "Once" now out on video, and Jimmy reviews the new 90210, Gossip Girl, and why the new Prision Break reminds him of a George Clooney movie.  Which one? Listen to find out! Also featuring news on Ghostbusters 3, who dies on Ghost Whisperer and how Jimmy is getting a worse case of OCD as he adjusts things in the new studio.  How far will he go? How far will Nitro go to infuriate his OCD? How out these things and much more only on...


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A Quick One While "They're" Away Cos That B*tch was Nutz With Jon gone, Jimmy and Nitro hit out a GBG quickie episode, with a lot of news, such as CHUCK on NBC getting another order of episodes on top of it's 13 episodes, plus news regarding who is playing the parents of Captain Awesome, and news of Peter Jackson's involvement in not just one but TWO big projects? What are they? And do we mention Pat Godwin? And what of those songs that Ben Folds 'leaked' out to the interwebs? Looking for these answers, then tune into this week's episode of...

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Punk Kids, The Hot Music & An Epic Fail

 Jimmy, Nitro & Jon discuss the hot music and the punk kids that listen to it, while one of us rolls an "Epic Fail".  We got some reviews of Mythbusters, find out what is going with the next Superman movie, and much much more.. all on this week's... 



See Your Problem Is, You Went Full-Retard Jon is back as we discuss the Olympics, we try to distract Jimmy when he discusses Battlestar, Jon plays us a song, and Nitro discusses Tropic Thunder. Did he like it? Find out on..


<a href=""> My Podcast Alley feed!</a> {pca-5f7531ff2dda5c57de4e1eb9299b2d4a}

Morgan Freeman's Pubes While Jon is out, Amanda B steps in as we discuss many a thing on tonight's episode, such as, well, as the title states: Morgan Freeman and his pubes.  Now, looking back, no one is sure quite how it happened, but it's in there, along with other juicy news bits, and movie reviews of Pineapple Express and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 12, er I mean 2.  We also discuss a few big sequel news such as the possible return of Riggs and Murtaugh(sp?) and the man in the fedora with a whip.  There will be talk about how they're too old for 'this shit' and give us, hopefully, a lot of fun times ahead.

And that is just the edge of what Nitro, Jimmy and Amanda discusses.  So sit back, relax in awe of this weeks...

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This Week's Show is Sponsored By: [insert sponsor name/product here]

Episode 51 strikes back, with our Emmy picks' and yet, a bit of a different bet! For those who may remember our last 'award show' bet, the loser had to buy the other two pizza.  While Jimmy ended dead last and owed us food, will he emerge victorious? A maybe 8 minute bit lasts 15 minutes too long as we debate our choices. Also, Jimmy, Nitro and Jon reward and review "Buffy the Animated Vampire Slayer Series" while Jon gives us some Abba in leiu of Nitro and a special guests' review of MAMA MIA! Also, Nitro and Jimmy walk away entertained but feel differently about The Mummy (3): Tomb of the Dragon Emperor ultimately.  Find out how, and also find out the who, when, why and where of who our very special product placement sponsor is, in this week's...


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The 50th GBG Episode Almost 2 Hour Long Celebration: The GBG Returns!
Nick Nitro, Jon & Jimmy returns to form (and with additional audio problems no less) with an extra long episode this week!

Being gone for 6 weeks can take it out of you!  Jimmy, Nitro & Jon start going over news from the past 6 weeks, such as the passing of George Carlin, minor bits from San Diego Comic Con, Heroes, Scrubs, The Two Coreys, VH1's Best Week Ever, the glorious Dr. Horrible, The Dark Knight and much much more!

There is so much news here, we announce that one of the GBG boys is now engaged to be married.  Find out who and how whilst we also tell you who scared the jeebus out of Nitro a day or two before we recorded this week's episode of...

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The BS Episode Returns!

GBG is back! Sorta.

And what is a new GBG episode without some technical difficulty of some sort?

While we thought we got all the bugs out before recording, (we're still not sure what is causing it...) but around 7-9 minutes into the episode, the audio gets horribly staticy, consider it spoiler info being discussed and us skipping over, but becomes audible 10 minutes in with a slight hint of static until the end.

The BS Episode returns with DJ Augdawg & Moma Nitro, making it a family affair, while Jimmy is out of state visiting his woman, and Jon is working his butt off!

Like last year's BS Episode, Nitro and DJ Augdawg lead the charge into this summer's foray of movies, such as Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Hellboy 2, we discuss the Dark Knight (some of the bad audio occurs during this segment), and Moma Nitro loathes Wall-E, while Nitro notes that it is his favorite film of all time.  Nitro and Moma Nitro also argue over the idea of tv classics being 'left alone' even if their creator wishes to redo the property again, ala Get Smart.  We also include an opening and closing from Wall-E, and a song from Joss Whedon's DR HORRIBLE (that one is for you, Jimmy!) Being the normal gang isn't here, we only discuss movies, leaving TV and movie news for next episode!  It's all summer-movie madness, so sit back, relax and count down the minutes until Jimmy and Jon's triumphant return on....



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Letter from Nitro

Direct download: gbg-letter.mp3
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Don't Scratch Your Eyes Out, Deary.... Nitro & Jimmy prepare for another week without Jon, as they fumble their way through the news! But, while the fumbling begins, the cats do play. Or should I say one cast-member named Snugglebunny $(!*#-tard. As 'kitty' begins to run amok, Nitro & Jimmy go through a boat load of news, such as word of a script for I Dream of Jeanie, which Everybody Loves Raymond cast member is actually getting his own show called "Dating _insert name here_" and who in Marvel Studios may muck up the hot streak Marvel Studios in terms of making 'good' superhero movies. There's much much more, not even mentioned, including life-changing events for our cast!

All on this week's...

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Being L0ST with a Bit of Nitro, Jon & Jimmy…

NOTE: We'd like to (aka, NICK) wishes to apologize for the audio quality.  The levels were off, and still sort of off, but hopefully this is a bit better.  Any complaints? Send em to

Believe it or not, we got some a real e-mail that dishes one of our stars some criticism on the Best of show, while Jimmy gets a chance to meet Kevin Pollack with a friend of his! We got tons of news, such as the new Transformers 2 title, where Jay Leno is going after he leaves NBC, Diablo Cody’s new show, what ex CANE star will be joining Dexter, and we discuss exactly what the horrible rumor (now spoiler) of Terminator 4 is… all whilst Jon plays a wonderful live performance, and we discuss reviews for A Bit of Fry & Laurie, Bravo’s Reality Show Workout, and of course, we offer our thoughts on L0ST!!All on this week’s…


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Season Finale (2007-2008) Celebrating our one year (even tho it's a few weeks late) we made sure all three of us were here to witness our birthday.  Not only that, we have a special song for everyone who's stuck around this long, but ALSO... this episode is huge cos we discuss the new Indiana Jones movie, plus every tv show finale we can think of except... L0ST (as it was airing the time we were recording... expect that review next week along with Sex and the City...)

all on this week's...

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The News & Best of the GBG Without Jon here, Nitro and Jimmy just do news this week as we await next week's return of our missing co-host, and of course, we cover all finales that have aired! 

After the news, we play some of the best songs/covers by the GBG gang!

all on this week's...

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The Up-Fronts: Reaper RETURNS! Hot off the presses when it was originally recorded Sunday night, Reaper returns!   Jimmy and I discuss, while Jon is absent, tons of news, Nitro has seen Speed Racer and Made of Honor over Mother's day weekend, and has a lot to say about thunderbeads! Jimmy also reviews the big gay wedding on Brothers & Sisters while Nitro also gives a nod to Scott Kurtz's PvP!

All on this week's...

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Sell Outs We return this week with some big news life or death news for an ABC series, one of the tabloid girls finds herself on Ugly Betty, Nitro reviews Grand Theft Auto 4, and the new Iron Man, Nitro and Jon share stories on them viewing the first Harold & Kumar (Go To White Castle) upon discussing what word of mouth they heard on the new sequel, and Jon pulls out the big guns to combat Jimmy on American Idol, all whilst seemingly selling out to the man! So sit back, grab a martini (cos it's so money) and enjoy this week's-


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There And Back: A Hobbit's Tale An extra long episode as our heroes discuss e-mails, and move to other sights, such as tv and movie news, find out who is being taken off as a regular on Ugly Betty, all the way to who's directing the new Hobbit Movie or should we say movies? Find out tonight on this week's...

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Speedy "Jimmy D" Gonzales

While We wish We had something more to say this episode, poor Nitro and Jon have little to say or add as Speedy "Jimmy D." Gonzales rushes through the entire podcast. We're glad that we were able to even get in Mr. Know It All! All on this week's...

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From DEEP within the Planet Of the Apes From the dark depth danks of the Planet of the Apes, Jon, Jimmy & Nick Nitro come at you with two week's ago's news stories, reviews and more.

While there was more we could say, we rather not and let the lateness speak for itself.

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The Reunion Tour

GBG comes back around with it's reunion tour, or at least it feels that way since it's been way too long since all three of our hosts were in the studio for a GBG episode!  Jon, Nick & Jimmy knock away the usual news (there is ALOT this week) such as Tim Allen's new movie, plus Empire's top 50 tv shows of all time, where we all nitpick (which show is number 1? Is it Buffy? Battlestar? Simpsons? Sopranos?!)  We also got the scoop of who is out of Dirty Sexy Money next year and also who is leaving the show NUMB3RS, as well as who is playing TIN-TIN in the upcoming Speilberg blockbuster "The Adventures of Tin-Tin" !!!

And what would any good episode of GBG be without bitter-backbiting? We receive another e-mail this week against Jimmy, and for the record, if you're not sure what we're talking about, we included clips from the past two episodes as a quick reminder! All on this week's...


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Furry Happy Monsters (aka The No Jon Show) Jimmy and Nick are now showing up sans Jon Bettin, and oh what a horrible show! Hopefully not horrible enough that you should listen to them fumble around and screw up the show!  Jimmy and Nitro do their best and ramble on about many things: Celebrity Apprentice, a webcomic friend helps defend Nick's honor from last week's show, and we also discuss how Jon is the glue that holds the show together. 

For fans of Sesame Street, we also got the classic "Furry Happy Monsters" song, and promote our friend's awesome podcast, JT Ukes' At 40.  Ch-ch-check it out on this week's..

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The No Nick Show

The Good, The Bad & THe Geeky... FINALLY sans Nick Nitro!

Within minutes the group makes a fat joke at Nick's expense, then ducktailing it into's Jimmy severely increasing weight problem while Jimmy sincerely and without remorse, insults Nitro's intelligence, and also reviews the first season of Friday Night Lights along with the new movie The Other Boleyn Girl.   Jimmy then horrifies us with tons of news you don't care about, like William Shatner doing his own ballet! Jon phones his side of the show all via USB Flash Drive, and another celebrity gets the boot on this week's GBG Celebrity Apprentice!


Plus news about a golf-hawk mishap and much much more all on this week's


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I'd Like To Thank The Academy... Jon thanks the academy as he wins "The Bet" from two episodes or so ago, where whoever gets the least amount of correct guesses on who wins the OSCAR, has to eat pizza and sing "I Had A Bad Day" while the loser also buys the rest of us Pizza. We go over news, and we go over the OSCAR reviews themselves, Jimmy rudely interrupts (like he always does) the review of the LOST video game, while we finally catch on to the hip kids' scene by playing the "I'm Fucking (insert superstar here)" song that is hitting the late night shows and youtube, and we also see who gets kicked off on this week's Episode of GBG Celebrity Apprentice! All on this week's... THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE GEEKY!!
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The Search for Lindsay Lohan's B**bies PLUS GBG Celebrity Apprentice Another exciting episode of news, an e-mail from an actual celebrity, (Pat Godwin, you ROCK sir.) and the three hosts begin, in lieu of their love of Trump's newest twist on his series, we present Part 1 of The GBG Celebrity Apprentice as Jimmy and Jon lead the trek for Lindsay Lohan's Boobies and much more all on this week's episode of...


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Writer's Strike Episode 14: RETURN OF THE WRITER'S aka THE BET Episode 14 (of 14?) of The Writer's Strike comes at you with the garring news that the Writer's Strike ends and the Writers Return to Work!

HEAR-  when some of your favorite shows return and HD-DVD passes away and Jon now has a collector's item as we discuss TONS of news including a bit of the new theatrical STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS!

GASP- as we review MONK, Pysch & JUMPER(JUMPR)

LISTEN- to when we discuss the Oscars!  And we make a bet! To find out what the bet is, listen in and be amazed.

on TONIGHT's The Good, The Bad & The Geeky!

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Ownership Rights Jimmy threats ownership of the Good, The Bad & The Geeky and Nitro disagrees! But... Jon may too? Our boys strap down and put up the dukes, all while doing the show with normal e-mails and reviews!  Jon also does a special Valentine's Day-esque song.  Jon also explains properly how he truly fills the rest of the Good The Bad & The Geeky besides being overall music guy. Hints that the writer's strike is about to end, Jon sees the Grammy's, Kanye's speech doesn't gel with us,  we almost forget to review Eli Stone, and we discuss what shows may or not come back when the writer's return... IF they return.

And Yes, Jimmy... Nitro & Jon spit at you in YOUR house. Ha. 

All on this week's...

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An Open Letter to Tom Cruise, Scientologist Tom Cruise released a video about how it is being a Scientologist. Meanwhile Jon Bettin, co-host of the Good, The Bad & The Geeky released footage somewhere about being a geek.  Both get a little excited about it. A ka-winky-dink? You should think not.

Also included is an interview, a one time interview with the monster from Cloverfield! Does he eat Jimmy? Does he kill us all! Does he want our brains?! Find Out on this Tom Cruise Crazy episode of..

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Applesauce, B*tch! Nitro, Jimmy & Jon return for a whole new episode full of Applesauce goodness! We address problems that were arisen in listener mail about the topic of the past few episodes, and then we go over the slew of news regarding the loss of some large Hollywood stars, past and present. We then review tv shows and for the first time in a while, new movies I Am Legend, Cloverfield and Juno! Sit back, relax, get your chicken nuggets, dip them in some applesauce and enjoy another new episode of THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE GEEKY!
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The Writer's Strike Part 10: The Golden Globes (LIVE from Zanesville, Indiana!) Nick Nitro, Jimmy & Jon take to task that no one they know watches Leno, so how is he winning the ratings, specially when Leno agreeably sucks?! We discuss the Golden Globe winners, Jon discovers Wall-E, and Jon has made Nitro and Jimmy true believers of Donald Trump's new spin on The Apprentice. All On this week's episode!
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American Gladiators, Format Wars, Will Smith Becomes a Scientologist, Oh My! Nick Nitro fumbles his way at the beginning of the show as Jon and Jimmy keep it together enough that by the time the news starts, Nitro is ready and rearing to go! The GBG-ganghas TONS of news this week, ranging from reviews of Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd & Enchanted, to the new American Gladiators! In the news, we discuss the DVD-format wars, Jon can personally vouch for HD-DVD against Blu-Ray, whilst Jimmy discusses Will Smith's turn to a new religion! And everything mentioned just now doens't begin to cover all the stuff we got this week!
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Episode 29 - Letterman Returns (to TV)!

It's only Nick and Jimmy this week due to poor planning on everyone's part, (everyone being Nick & Jimmy) and we go over mostly news as we've missed over 2 weeks worth! We also discuss some new stuff with the GBG movie-club, with our first movie to watch when we officially start the club, and lots of news we missed out on... er, wait, we already said that, didn't we?

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