The Good, The Bad, and The Geeky!
The Good, The Bad and the Geeky! (or GBG for short) is a podcast where Nick Arganbright sits down with some of his friends in the local Columbus Ohio theater, film and improv scene and talk a bunch of geeky stuff. Some good, some bad but all of it definitely geeky. Contains explicit content, parental discretion is advised. Updates vary from weekly to bi-weekly.
The 2007 GBG Extreme Christmas Extravaganza!

Deciding to not do any news and filled with tons of joy, Christmas Cheer & music, Nick Nitro, Jimmy & Jon come to you straight from the podcast studio! Special Guests from the Dribble For Kids cast, Jimmy's Uncle Patrick, Mr. Know-It-All, Dr. Phil, and co-hosts Nathan & Wendy!  If you didn't think that was filled with enough cheer... we even have a holiday greeting to you with the help of JibJab!

To get a sample of what tunes we have, we have The Chipmunk Song, A ToneDeaf Christmas, Rudolph, Blue Christmas and Merry Little Christmas! So get a listening!




Here's the greeting with the help of JibJab..!

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The Writer's Strike Saga (EPISODE 7) - The Episode Before The Christmas Episode Our listeners ask via e-mail what our must-have DVDs are, we answer, and despite Jimmy's statement to not drink any alcohol, he packs them away, Jimmy valiantly attempts to get through the Golden Globes while Jon and Nitro snicker and make fun of him, until we abruptly end the show...
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Coming From An Alternate Reality... (The Writer's Strike Continues...) The Writer's Strike Continues as we come to you directly from an alternate reality!
We attempt to lay the running joke of Jimmy being racist to bed with a song by Nitro & Jon, and we discuss many things, such as how to correctly pronounce Chevy Chase's name, the release of the SNL DVD of Season 2, we answer listener mail (Jimmy insults our cool and faithful listeners who take the time to write us), Nitro creates a contest to win a copy of his book Lord of the Sweaters, while Jimmy is drinking wine, he realizes his brother stole his copy of Back to the Future!

Nitro also tells us what he really thinks about the cat, Nitro does a bad 2001 Space Odyssey parody through out....

all on this week's episode of...

THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE GEEKY (but the alternate reality version)

One Tube Two Tube Red Tube You Tube Our most blue show yet, as Jon returns!  And to say that Jimmy steals the show is an understatement.  This is why the Writer's Strike is bad, Jimmy loses focus, becomes racist, and then even starts getting Nitro and Jon to surf porn to a website with free porn called "Red Tube" which is the cousin to You Tube.  The nastiness continues as Jimmy distracts us from reviewing the new Futurama: Bender's Big Score, to partake in 2 girls taking a poo into a cup and then eating it like an ice cream cone.

Thankfully Mr. Know It All interrupts with a live feed, Nitro and Jon jam on an Oasis song, and Jon even writes a song all on this weeks'


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An Island In The Sun (Why Jimmy Should Not Be A Drummer) Special Guest Host Jon Bettin comes back and helps us as we do some acoustic covers of Island In The Sun and a few others!  Jon greatly assists Nitro in de-arming Jimmy's argument that he is not a racist all while we do news you don't care about, e-mail, and a new Mr. Know It All who comes in from a live-feed...

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Star Trek: White Supremacist (Is That Glitter Enough For You?!) Our new episode features Jimmy who we learn, is a racist, Nitro is a biggot, and we imagine a special guest imagine his way into the 'studio' in the form of Jon B, and we then imagine a show full of girls clubs (which Jimmy is apart of.) Jimmy also, makes good on his word to reveal his third axis of Evil, and you won't guess who or what it is!  We also discuss news on Ghost Busters III, Tron 2 and other odd newsbits you don't care about, plus we go over our picks of the week while Mr. Know It All lays the smack-down on those who dare ask questions!

Also this episode: Our special guest ponders with us what it's like in Hotel California with a guitar from the 60's... all on this week's THE GOOD THE BAD & THE GEEKY!!

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Technical Difficulties

A new episode graces us but behold: Technical Difficulties await!

I’d tell you to listen closely, just in passing, you know, to certain things within the episode, such as our Picks of the Week, music request, Mr Know It All, and the like, and frankly, well… I guess the faux pas is on me, no?

Featuring an awesome and totally kick-ass-like cover by “Mad? Scott from The Gigcast and the comic, also titled MADSCOTT, Episode 22 starts off with a jumbled  nut cluster of an audio bang!

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Writer's Strike Spoiler After we introduce our new introduction to the show, we read listener mail,  and discuss the almost officially started Writer's Strike, the shows it impacts (all the talk shows like Colbert, The Daily Show, Letterman, Leno, Ferguson, Kimmel, etc) and other shows like Scrubs, The Office, etc, and how some shows are preparing for the worse. (Heroes.)

We get into a huge fight where half-way through Jimmy or Nick admits defeat in something that they said was 'truth' when it was in fact, wrong.  Also on this week's episode, another Colbert Minute, Mr. Know-It-All comes to The Good, The Bad & The Geeky thanks to the gang at the Gigcast! 

All on tonight's episode of the Good, The Bad & The Geeky!
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Colbertiffic!!!! A new GBG comes at you in all it's Colbertiffic glory. An episode so Colbertiffic, that, only one word can say it...



It starts with a late night Jimmy breaking into my house to start the show.  We do a Colbert minute, do some e-mails, PLUS Nathan and Wendy stop by and do the show with us!

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The Darjeeling Limited The entire gang is here, our new Good, Bad & The Geeky features DJ Augdawg, Wendy & Nathan this week as Nick Nitro & Jimmy lead a discussion over the new Wes Anderson short film Hotel Chevalier and his movie The Darjeeling Limited, starring Owen Wilson, Jason Schwartzman & Adrian Brody! We also discuss Viva Laughlin! and the last full hour episode of the season for The Office...
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The Olive Branch Not even 3 minutes into the episode, Nitro and Jimmy start tearing at each other, and the whole episode is a war of words until someone offers an Olive Branch.

While we have the War of the Words, we discuss general show reviews, we go over our shows of the week (Which Nitro can not pick one and choose) and we again somewhat fighting.

Yay for battle!
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Viagra A show so long, so sterile and full of life, it makes you wonder if the Good, The Bad & The Geeky was an old man on the happy blue pill of life!  A good show tonight, albeit a bit long, but still, tons o'fun for the whole family. Except the dog. And the kids. And maybe grandma. Grandpa is cool tho, cos he was in the war and shit.

This week's episode, we go over some news, some e-mails, and also ponder over the last major premiere week with only 1-5 shows left to not premiere yet.  (I'm looking at you Viva Laughlin!)  We also for those who missed it, have a brand new parody premiering!

Also, we have footage of Kirsten Dunst singing. That alone is like, gold.  Specially if you've seen the horrible Spider-man 3 (which looking at the Box Office, I believe you did.) and you know the opening of the movie contains a laughable musical number which the voice used sounds NOTHING like her (and the end of the movie she sings and sounds nothing like the voice at the beginning of the movie!)

While I enjoy it, I hope you do too.

Until next week...
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Laced With Mediocrity

An episode so full of Mediocrity, one can not dignify it with words.  Nathan barely speaks, Jimmy reviews 25 tv shows, Nitro has a mental breakdown at the end, and the only thing not mediocre is Wendy (from the No Name show) stops by and says hi!

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The 2007 Season Premiere Episode: Jimmy Eat Egg Roll Fans of our previous "No Name Show", be amazed! We have made it to episode 15 and we have no qualms about not stopping! Show 30? We can bet on it.  Show 50! We're counting down the days!

But until then, our new episode entails some hard sleuthing from our heroes not only to give you reviews of shows before they even air but also, Jimmy searches for an egg roll which he wishes to eat! But what trouble will the new girl next door cause? Or what about the guy who goes back in time or the nerd at a Best Buy rip-off store who has the intelligence of the world stored on his hard drive? Will they all cause doom and gloom for jimmy and his search to eat a yummy egg roll?

Does the eggroll really have anything to do with tonight's episode! Find out on tonight's exciting 2007 Season Premiere Episode of...

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And Now For Something Completely Different...

Jimmy gracefully steps aside while Kevin Guhl (from Detective and I discuss the news that TMNT will possibly be going online as a webcomic. We discuss history of the TMNT, and we also discuss our views on the issue at hand.

Kevin is against TMNT going online, at least, continuing Volume 4.

I am (Nitro) is for TMNT being published in some form online.

We basically pick apart different options Peter Laird (the creator of TMNT) may choose (like if he charges Micropayments, Self-Publishing like Ka-Blamm or Comixpress?) and also go off on Transformers, Spider-man and a few other things.

We also, as webcomic creators discuss how it could affect Webcomics. Could it be good? or will it bring more larger names in competition with us lesser known webcomics?

Find out on this week's The Good, The Bad & The Geeky with Special Guest Kevin Guhl!

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Episode 13: Speechless Nathan returns and we're all live in the studio!

After we discuss Jimmy's view of penises, we discuss out weekends, our labor day, how protestants can wear a condom, Jimmy tells an amazing long tale of the second time (first actually, he doesn't remember anything when he saw it the first time) he has seen JAWS, technical difficulties, how rape victims usually have memory loss upon getting raped,  news you don't care about and we don't care about either, Jimmy and the Bees, Nathan's missing leg hairs, The Office and a few other DVD releases, doing a Hilary Swank, Nathan Reads At A Poor Level, Bajingles & Va-jay-jays, Secret D4K Project, Nathan's Hot Sisters, The lost Workout Partner movie, and Nathan moving out...

All of that which ends up leaving us all... SPEECHLESS!
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Episode 12 - The Lost Ultimatium We got an interesting show this week! For the first time ever (well, minus when DJ AugDawg did the show) Jimmy is in-studio, and we have our audio introduction done by DJ Augdawg, and closing by DJ AugDawg. (God bless Karaoke.)

We totally discuss Nitro's thoughts on the Bourne Ultimatum, Jimmy's distaste and hatred for the Bourne saga (despite only seeing the first movie), we discuss Jimmy throwing Nitro a birthday party, and where Nitro buys staples & purchases his 1980's Garfield's ruler and it's ethnic authenticity.  This all leads into our discussion into LOST.   Also Jimmy issues a challenge to you, dear listener. Do you dare help him?

We also tell our old friend Wendy who occasionally helped us on the No Name Show days, what HFBFB means.  The word Floppy is one of the F's. It's all I'm gonna say.  Listen! And learn a new phrase!

Jimmy also before the show mentioned to how for Nitro's sake, he was listening to THE GIGCAST, and that he was lost regarding the webcomic news.  So, when Jimmy begins to give a review, Nitro more than concerned that he will not talk about his friends in a favorable light, but Jimmy surpirses Nitro and gives his review of the Gigcast.

All on... THE GOOD... THE BAD & THE GEEKY!! (dun dun dun....)

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Attack of the 11th Episode! I have no idea what we talked about. I suck, cos this was recorded a week or so ago and as such, yeah.

Sorry about that but hey, mysterious subjects. It works, right?

We hope so.

Stay tuned in the next few, Episode 12 will be comin' atcha.
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How The New Battlestar Galactica Changed The Face of Television ?? Our most vocally bitter podcast yet of The Good, The Bad, & The Geeky.

We go over what we deem the highlights of Comic-Con, Jimmy reviews Burn Notice and a few other tv shows Nitro hasn't even heard of or knew existed, (and yet no one is surprised) and then Jimmy leads a spiritual conversation into how the television landscape has changed.

His argument?

The New Battlestar Galactica Changed The Face of Television.


Naturally we begin to spare verbally, and well, it get's pretty vicious.  Tons of back-biting and bickering.

We hope you enjoy. I know we sure did....

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 I Know, You Know (We're Gonna Pysch You Out In the End)

We have an AMAZING Show! We have a scoop never before heard anywhere! It's a super duper long show of amazing discoveries, music, and comic-con stuff! It's so long, that we may just pysch you out in the end!

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Book 8: Harry Potter & The Return of Jimmy The Co-Host!

Book 8, the final Harry Potter installment begins as our hero Harry Potter braves the odds and fights the on-coming return of the treacherous and dangerous Co-Host Jimmy!

READ- the show notes which you're reading right now!

SEE- whatever cheesy image was used for the cover for this week's podcast.

HEAR- as Jimmy returns and Nitro butchers the name of Voldermort.

All on this week's episode of..

The Good, The Bad & The Geeky!

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Episode 7: I'm Bill Pardy

Jimmy is absent but promises to return this next week.

So until then...

With the lack of Roberts Rules of Order, enjoy as DJ AugDawg and I check out Transformers, offer our thoughts and tons of news.

Until next time...


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Episode 6: The BS Episode

We go over some news then review Ocean's 13, Rise of the Silver Surfer, Live Free or Die Hard and last but not least, Ratatouille.

Note that Jimmy and Nathan have been very busy (as have I) so my father decided to help out a bit.


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A GBG Quickie

With Father's Day here, and Jimmy working two jobs, I'm physically and sort of mentally exhausted, we phone it in so to speak, by just giving you some entertainment news! Expect our next episode to return to our normal format!

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 We have e-mails, News about Shrek, Battlestar Galatica, The Dark Knight, reviews of Pirates, a few TV shows, and we go right into a few Star Wars-related news, and of course, the greatness of Star Wars. Also includes a bit from the new Robot Chicken Star Wars and classic Weird Al's Yoda.

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Nathan joins us as we discuss the big finales like LOST and HEROES. We have a Desperate Housewives parody, and we have the news you don't care about plus nathan's useless fact of the episode!

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With TV Finales All Over The Place, me and Jimmy do e-mail, News You Don't Care About and go over My Name is Earl, The Office, Scrubs, CSI, Grey's Anatomy, Bones, Medium, Smallville & How I Met Your Mother... and there is our thoughts of what will occur on LOST....

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Nitro & Jimmy return from the dark depths, True Believer! We got Mail, News & Reviews You Don't Care About plus we're talking about the new head hanchos at Dinsey and what is being done to get the company, more important, their animation, what Disney is KNOWN for, back in shape!

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