The Good, The Bad, and The Geeky!
Join host Nick 'Nitro' Arganbright (It's All Been Done Radio Hour) and his friends as they talk anything geeky from movies to comic books. Contains explicit content, parental discretion is advised. Updates vary from weekly to bi-weekly with 'seasonal breaks' around the winter season.
The One After Episode One Hundred on & Nitro come at you on this 2009 Labor Day with the episode after episode 100.  Discussing Labor Day plans and also holiday work schedules, we get right into the news thereafter, where we learn who Jay Leno's guests are, who is starring in CHUCK on NBC this season, more info on DJ AM's show on MTV, what network is not carrying Obama's speech and Nick's choice words to Obama, how Lawman: Steve Segal's new show may not air due to legal situations, and which actor/actress may or may not be leaving Grey's Anatomy for a while!!!  Nick gives his opinion of the video game Batman: Arkum Asylum while we soon turn our attention elsewhere and discuss in tune with people on our facebook group, twitter, and within our Ustream Live show (found here for lots of other conversation stuff not featured in the podcast itself)  about that since the end of August was the end of the summer 2009 movie season, what was your favorite summer movie?  We get a lot of unique views and opinions, and we top it off with what movies will be coming out in fall or Christmas season... Think we missed out on a summer movie? Twitter, facebook, e-mail us and we'll discuss your reactions more on next week's...

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