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The 2009 GBG Emmy Bet
We have a great episode in store for you. Amidst reading your tweets and listening to your voicemail, we declare a new contest, which will begin next week, and the winner will be announced on the 100th GBG episode. We also discuss the new film, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and get some Fangela and their new song, "Here We Go Magic". We also discuss which classic and respected actor joins Danny Trejo’s Machete, what is happening to Mischa Barton’s new series, "The Beautiful Life". We also discuss how Futurama may be coming back, but not with all the original voices, and which original CSI cast member is returning to the show! (Is it Warrick?) Last but not least, for those who follow the show, we know there is always at award show time, a bet made, where whoever the loser of choosing the most correct winners of the Emmys and or the Oscars, they have to do something for the other. So, being the nominations were released, we go over the nominations, and Jon suggests we make YOU, fair listeners, the group that decides what is at stake! Have an idea what the loser needs to do if they lose the 2009 GBG Emmy bet? If so, e-mail us or use the contact us link on our main page and let us know!!!! All this craziness and more on this week's....


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