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Host Nick Arganbright (from It's All Been Done Radio Hour) talks anything and everything from slice of life to movies, tv, comic books, video games and more. With a wide-array of friends, guests from the local Columbus Ohio Theater and Improv scene... you can be sure that whatever it is, it’s mostly good, a skosh bad but ALWAYS geeky. Contains explicit content. Parental Discretion is advised. Each season is updated weekly to bi-weekly usually from March to August/December of the year.

Our heroes Nick Nitro and Jerome 'Jimmy' Wetzel discuss the series finale for Futurama and Burn Notice! Do both shows end on a high note? Or is there something off? While Nitro and Jimmy argue over finer points in both shows, they also discuss other television pilots such as Enlisted, Sleepy Hollow, The Goldbergs, Back in the Game and Tropy Wife. Are any of them good? What about Brooklyn-99? Nitro and Jimmy discuss all this, the movie This is the End and Argo and much, much more in this installment of....


On Tonight's Episode...

The Spinning Wheel of Death: This Is The End + Argo - 3:33 or so
The Franco Roast - 17:00 or so
Derek on Netflix - 23:00 or so
The Mindy Project - 26:00 o so
Bones + Suits - 35:35 or so
Pilots: Brooklyn Nine-Nine on FOX - 43:36 or so
- Nick Nitro's Review of The Brooklyn Nine-Nine Pilot
- Nick Nitro's Review of The Brooklyn Nine-Nine Pilot
Pilots: Trophy Wife (and The Goldbergs) on ABC - 44:25 or so
- Jimmy's Review of The Trophy Wife Pilot
Pilots: Enlisted - 48:15 or so
- Nick Nitro's Review of The Enlisted Pilot
Pilots: Back In The Game - 50:48 or so
Hulu vs Commericals - 55:00 or so
Pilots: Sleepy Hollow - 58:21 or so
Masters of Sex, Falling Skies, The Vampire Diaries, Low Winter Sun + Graceland - 63:45 or so
The Futurama Season Finale - 66:14 or so

- Nick Nitro's Review of The Futurama Series Finale
- Jimmy's Review of The Futurama Series Finale

The Burn Notice Season Finale - 71:04 or so
- Nick Nitro's Review of The Burn Notice Series Finale
- Jimmy's Review of The Burn Notice Series Finale

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