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She Doesn't Use Jelly. She Uses A Hammer. With the calamity that occured last week, Jon is again absent, but have no fear, Nitro & Jimmy are here!  We got some (real!! we swear!!) e-mails about our reviews on the BSG finale from last week's episode, and also why do the fans call it BSG, not BG?  We also take technical question e-mails for the new site over at , and a few others.   We also raise the question, if she doesn't use jelly, what does she use? While one might suspect a hammer, as per our title, don't let your eyes fool you.  We discuss quite a few things, we also discuss the developing thoughts on NBC's new show "KINGS", how Ian McShane speaks, and Nitro tries to do a review of Monsters vs Aliens, but sadly cannot stop talking about THE OFFICE and it's plot twists and turns!  We also reveal a few spoilers, and also dig on some info on who will be committing sucicide this year on the show HOUSE in our GBG FanFlow! So those who MUST know, then<a href=""> try our free trial</a> (or subscribe) to find our what our informants are telling us, or find out what <a href="">the next script for GBG IDOL</a> will go like! All this and MORE on this week's episode of... THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE GEEKY!!
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