The Good, The Bad, and The Geeky!
The Good, The Bad and the Geeky! (or GBG for short) is a podcast where Nick Arganbright sits down with some of his friends in the local Columbus Ohio theater, film and improv scene and talk a bunch of geeky stuff. Some good, some bad but all of it definitely geeky. Contains explicit content, parental discretion is advised. Updates vary from weekly to bi-weekly.

We have a special guest... local Columbus Theater and awesome guy Casey May is on the show and what do we talk? Why... We go over the new JAMES MANGOLD film LOGAN! Does it hold up? And maybe we talk tons of other fun comic book stuff. Find out what we thought on all that and more in the latest episode of...


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On Tonight's Episode...

Properly Introducing Casey from MadLab and OG Productions(also talk about Marvel Comics) - 5:33 or so

And Now a Quick Word About Ninja Turtles - 18:40 or so

Logan and all Things X-Men Comics - 19:18 or so

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