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Killing The Office

Our heroes return to lead us to the promises land that is Jerome Wetzel TV. In a new JWTV segment, Romey, Nitro and PJ discuss Fringe, Psych, Raising Hope, Community, Bent and Best Friends Forever thanks to MAIL BAG DAY. But most of the conversation really burns at both ends for the AMC show THE KILLING and NBC's THE OFFICE.  Should the Office be canceled? Can the Killing be improved? Or is it already a fantastic show? Jerome, PJ and Nitro discuss all this and more in the most recent episode of...


On Tonight's Episode You Heard Us Plug/Play/Discuss...

Spring finale watch: Psych visits "SantaBarbaraTown"

'Psych' flirts with greatness in 'Santabarbaratown'

Does TV, and CBS in particular, have too many crime dramas? (Jimmy's review of NYC22)

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