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Fun and Games At the FreedomWay
Over the week we recieved some kooky voicemails, and we decide to get to the bottom of it by calling the individual back, live on our show!  As we call "Mary" back, we go over an e-mail and get right into the news and what a newsy week it was too.  This was the weekend that not only did Nick see The Brothers Bloom, but America switched over and converted to the digital age, leaving analog televisions behind!  Find out who returns in the HOBBIT, what Joss Whedon said regarding the new Buffy Film, (he said more stuff, yah!), who visited Jimmy Fallon, what the verdict on the life span of "My Name Is Earl" is, and which former HEROES star is heading over to Starz! Network's CRASH.   All this, a new parody song called "Fun & Games", and more... on this week's episode of-

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