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Join host Nick 'Nitro' Arganbright (It's All Been Done Radio Hour) and his friends as they talk anything geeky from movies to comic books. Contains explicit content, parental discretion is advised. Updates vary from weekly to bi-weekly with 'seasonal breaks' around the winter season.
All Along The Watchtower...
With Jon returning, and Jimmy seeing Watchmen over the weekend, we answer listener mail with their thoughts on Watchmen and further continue the question from last week which is, would you sacrafice many for the fate of much much more many people?  Find out who says what.  We also got tons of more news on some Marvel movies, such as which may be getting the reboot treatment, and also who has a search warrant for their arrest.  We also discuss George Clooney's return to ER, while going over Breaking Bad's Season 2 opener, and what Jimmy thought on the new South Park Season Premiere about the Jonas Brothers.
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